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In the spring of 1994, I began to become aware of what was happeningto me. It was too late to save the year. I lost almost all my creditsin school. I decided to switch programs. I tried to straighten out mylife and I made contact with my family again. I went to summer schooland got nineties in my courses. I never told anyone my memories hadbeen false.

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The bus, Number 58 if my old memory serves me correctly, regularly picked up and dropped off the children of Florence Elementary School who lived in our area. The children in the third house on the left of the then-unnamed road in Star, Mississippi, were right there at the end of their gravel driveway every morning, lined up and ready to board the bus. There were four of us, each separated by one year in age from the next.

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I think the stress reached its peak when my then 16-year-olddaughter started thinking of suicide and had to be hospitalized. InFebruary 1994, I began to doubt the memories. When I returned to myparents’ home after the divorce, I was certain the memories were nottrue. I started to question my family in detail and read school andmedical records. None of these things agreed with what I had been toldhad happened.

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