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Although Florida residents are given preference in admission, the College of Medicine welcomes applications from nonresidents and is able to admit a limited number each year. Applicants must have a bachelor’s degree conferred prior to matriculation from a regionally accredited United States institution.The College of Medicine does not have a preference as to an applicant’s major, and welcomes applicants with either non-science majors or substantial work in liberal arts fields.The following minimum science admissions requirements must be completed at a regionally-accredited, degree-granting United States post-secondary institution with no grade less than a “C” (not counting courses that are later repeated).

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Dr. Raquel D. Arias, associate dean of admissions at Keck School of Medicine of the University of Southern California, explains, “In order to give every candidate a fair review of their personal qualities and accomplishments, a single screener evaluates all candidates with a particular MCAT score at our school. This controls for the inevitable influence that this important test has on the process. An admissions officer reads every application submitted to the school.” (There is no automated filter.)

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Each medical school has its own nuanced process for reviewing applications. For example, “Weill Cornell invites all applicants to complete the secondary application,” Ms. Nicolaysen shares. “Once the file is complete (including secondary application, letters of evaluation, and MCAT scores), the application is moved to screening. A number of experienced admissions committee members serve as screeners. Although Weill Cornell has fourth-year medical students on the admissions committee, the students do not screen applications.”

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Medical schools differ in their procedures for providing secondary applications to applicants. Most medical schools will automatically provide a secondary application to all applicants whereas other medical schools prescreen the processed centralized applications and only invite the top candidates to submit a secondary application. For Texas residents, the Texas medical schools make their secondary applications available through the TMDSAS web site, and they should be completed as soon as you submit your TMDSAS application.

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Nearly all medical schools have individual applications, called secondary applications, which supplement the centralized AMCAS, AACOMAS or TMDSAS application. Generally secondary applications have additional essay questions and request a secondary application fee.

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The process for receiving secondary applications also varies from school to school. Some medical schools will email you and give you access to their secondary applications, while others are posted on the schools’ web sites to be downloaded when you are ready. You should visit each school’s admissions office web site to see if the secondary is posted there. If the secondary application is available, read the instructions carefully because some medical schools do not want you to submit the secondary application until after they contact you. If it has been 3-4 weeks since the verification of your AMCAS or AACOMAS application, and you have not received a secondary application from a particular medical school, you can then contact the school to ask about the availability of their secondary application.

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All address changes should be made through AMCAS, then notify the Admissions Office.All applicants selected for a secondary will receive an email from the UF Admissions Office with a link to the Professional School Application.