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Whether a student wants to craft an medical school application essay that is deeply personal or one that focuses more on scientific and clinical experience, our writers are poised to help.

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Medical Assistant Degrees offer two $500 scholarships each year in June and December and we are currently accepting applicants for our June 2018 Scholarship. Our scholarships are not limited to students who are currently enrolled on a and if you have the passion and drive to begin a career in healthcare, then maybe you could be our next winner. Please see below for full details and terms and conditions.

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The descriptive essay or résumé should address your aviation history and goals, what you have done for yourself to achieve your goals, where you see yourself in five and ten years, how the scholarship will help you achieve your objective and your present financial need, flight or other training/education for which you need assistance, how your previous training was financed, educational scholarships, awards and honors, where you would obtain the training and the hourly rate for the instructor, aircraft, and simulators, or other costs (if applying for cash scholarship), demonstrated involvement in aviation activities, and other applicable information as requested for each specific scholarship.

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There isn’t much for trade schools but try to find a displaced home makers program or anything for single parents, or Helping Hands for single moms as mentioned above. Consider at least a 2 year degree in something such as Medical Technology from maybe Ivey Tech or another college. I recieved an A.S. in Medical Technology in 1995 and was a single parent working as a nursing assistant. Irecieved help from the financial aid department with grants and school loans and also help from Displaced Homemaker’s program which helped with gas and babysitters. I now work in hospitals and have for 17 yrs. worked as a Medical Technician, I make over $24.00 an hr. I love my job. It is a secure field to get into and beginning salaries range from $16.00 to $18.00 an hr. The schools offer a lot of help and you should go talk with an advisor. Jennifer

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Whether applying as a first-year medical student using the centralized American Medical College Application Service (AMCAS), or applying directly to the medical school as a transfer, advanced-standing, or residency applicant, you can rely on our experienced writers for solid assistance.

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