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The growth of medical knowledge and technology have grown so have the concerns that ethical standards and issues facing our society today may be compromised or not appropriately addressed (Littleton et al., 2010)....

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In the United States The Code of Ethics for the Practice of Midwifery insures medical and professional ethic barriers to insure the safety and understanding of pregnant patients and their families.

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Medical ethics began as a professional code for physicians and has now expanded and includes a variety of health care professions and health care organizations.

Some professions such as law and medicine clearly have defined codes of professional ethics.
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The result was the Nuremberg Code, which attempted to provide a natural law-based set of universal ethical principles. Looking beyond the Nuremberg Code and applying it to modern medical research ethics, there are many challenges that it poses....

Topic: Medical ethics. Order Description find ways to improve the doctor-patient communication and respect/ education of different religions in the hospital system.

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