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Just as verbal and nonverbal messages are closely relatedand cannot be fully it may also be amistake to separate what happens in mediated representation of difference fromour face-to-face communication. Thus, while there are many avenues related toculture and media worth exploring (e.g., media systems, the use of media indevelopment around the world), this Webpage will focus on symbolic representation through mediated messages.

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Representation in media essay topic

Some people study media to make claims about media ingeneral—that is claims that can be generalized to a large section of media—suchas a channel (television) a genre (primetime family shows, sports, country& western music), or to a specific genre within a specific channel (printjournalism; television advertisements). Others seek to determine if exposure tomedia has effects on individuals (does it make us more apathetic aboutviolence? Does it lower women’s self-esteem? Is it associated withaggressiveness in children?). Studies of either of these types are consideredto be (cause-effect, variables, prediction, generalizable claims of Truth). Studiesin this line usually measure variables and do statistics to see if there are (ex: Are women and men represented differently incountry & western, rap, and Christian videos? Do Blacks and Whites reactdifferently to racial representation in commercials aimed at children?) determine whether there are (Is girls’ self-esteem related to their use ofteen fashion magazines? Do people who read rifle and gun magazines rate higheron ethnocentrism than those who do not?).

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Finally, studies of either type (scientific or humanistic)can take a specific value orientation—to fight social inequality, to criticizestructural inequalities (sexism, racism, classism, etc.) in the text. We willcall these studies that deliberately seek to change social structures or fightmediated forms of oppression . As examples, one study might present asystematic cross-cultural analysis of representation of women in rap musicvideos (Conrad et al., 2009). Another might look (scientifically) at the impactof repeated media exposure of Latina women on their self-concepts (Rivadeneyraet al., 2007). Humanistic studies might look at the representation of race in (Nakamura, 2009) orhow sexual activity in reinforces traditional sex and gender ideologies (& Cannon, 2009). In communication, seereason below)

Representation in media essay topic
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