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Mark Twain also attacked religion which was the major supporter of slavery. In Huck’s action and reflection, Twain ridiculed religious principles that encouraged immorality. He always made Huck choose the right and moral side and disobey religious norms. Through Huck’s hesitations and choices, Twain encouraged people to listen to their instinct rather that to their conscience. He proved that the latter may easily be corrupted by society and religion.

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Materialism, as defined in The Reader’s Encyclopedia, refers to “a system of values on the part of a period of history or a nation, class or individual, which emphasizes commerce, money, comfort, power and minimizes art, culture, ethics and religion ” In other words, materialism consists in attaching much importance to objects, especially money, in being excessively desirous to earn and preserve money by all means. Materialism being defined, let us study how Twain satirized it in .

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All the above confirms what Mark Twain said that “money is the rule of life today ” and displayed once more his hatred against materialism. To close this chapter, it is essential to recall that the evils already pointed out are not the major ones, the major ones being violence, slavery and religious hypocrisy as the following chapters will demonstrate.

In his autobiography, Mark Twain did not bite his words while displaying and describing religion’s support for slavery. He wrote:

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Also, Mark Twain chose his characters according to what he wanted to denounce, and all contributed to the success of his work. His satire was so severe toward society that the latter considered it to be outrageous, rough, coarse, immoral and inelegant. It was banned from libraries for years. This proves how deeply had reached its targets, namely corrupt society and institutions.

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The main theme of is “man’s inhumanity toward man”. Mark Twain depicted it under various forms, notably slavery and violence. These were the first targets of his satire, and the main cause of his pessimism and disappointment. Other minor targets were the frequent vices that had become part of frontier culture and life. These were swindling, drunkenness and materialism. Mark Twain confronted his here with all those evils one by one, and made him overcome them. Some of them were supported by social and religious institutions, and Huck’s victory over them confirmed Twain’s intention to change society.

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In addition, Mark Twain used Huck Finn, especially in , to attack with all his might religion, which he accused of having corrupted Huck’s innocent heart. By choosing the right side, which was wrong for religion, Huck mocked the latter and his contemporaries whom Mark twain “loathed for their Puritanism, hypocrisy, stupidity and pretensions ”

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Slavery was another concern on Mark Twain’s mind. For that reason, he put it in the heart of his , depicting its different forms and condemning it as well as the religious norms that supported it. Even though Mark Twain enlisted in the pro-slavery army, he never supported either slavery or racism. He and his brother Orion, though sympathizing with opposing sides, “hated slavery as well as war.” To tackle this slavery issue, one will first analyse the subhuman status reserved for slaves, then the relationship between Jim and Huck, and finally the position of religion as well as Huck’s judgement vis-à-vis it.

The religious affiliation (religion) of Mark Twain, one of the most influential and celebrated authors in American history.

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The above definition exactly applies to , for it attacked the vices of the 19th Century American society, with the intention of correcting them. Many of those vices had been witnessed by the author, who was sometimes victim of them. His life and experience provided him with much material, which is estimated at four fifths of all his writings. This proves that Mark Twain dealt with a situation that really existed and which he knew very well. He had lived in many areas, in many conditions, bad and good, had chanced his luck in printing, steamboat piloting, the army, mining, journalism, novel and essay writing, All this rich background and experience allowed him to scorn and ridicule his contemporaries’ misdeeds.