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I am ahead, I am advanced
I am the first mammal to make plans, yeah
I crawled the earth, but now I'm higher
Twenty-ten, watch it go to fire
It's evolution, baby
Do the evolution
Come on, come on, come on
Close Reading Activity (see handout):

Today as we read, in small groups (2-4 students) you will focus on a specific example of Mark Twain's use of satire in
The Lowest Animal
to make his point about the evolution of the human species.

Each team will be assigned
one of the following topics
addressed in the essay:

Team 1 - Human cruelty/unnecessary killing and destruction (English Earl vs.

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“The Lowest Animal” by Mark Twain

The Lowest Animal by Mark Twain Essay - 780 Words

So far in this essay, mammals have received scant attention, but the mammals’ development before the Cenozoic is important for understanding their rise to dominance. The , called , first , about 260 mya, and they had key mammalian characteristics. Their jaws and teeth were markedly different from those of other reptiles; their teeth were specialized for more thorough chewing, which extracts more energy from food, and that was likely a key aspect of success more than 100 million years later. Cynodonts also developed a secondary palate so that they could chew and breathe at the same time, which was more energy efficient. Cynodonts eventually ceased the reptilian practice of continually growing and shedding teeth, and their specialized and precisely fitted teeth rarely changed. Mammals replace their teeth a . Along with tooth changes, jawbones changed roles. Fewer and stronger bones anchored the jaw, which allowed for stronger jaw musculature and led to the mammalian (clench your teeth and you can feel your masseter muscle). Bones previously anchoring the jaw were no longer needed and . The jaw’s rearrangement led to the most auspicious proto-mammalian development: . Mammals had relatively large brains from the very beginning and it was probably initially . Mammals are the only animals with a , which eventually led to human intelligence. As dinosaurian dominance drove mammals to the margins, where they lived underground and emerged to feed at night, mammals needed improved senses to survive, and auditory and olfactory senses heightened, as did the mammalian sense of touch. Increased processing of stimuli required a larger brain, and . In humans, only livers use more energy than brains. Cynodonts also had , which suggest that they were warm-blooded. Soon after the Permian extinction, a cynodont appeared that may have ; it was another respiratory innovation that served it well in those low-oxygen times, functioning like pump gills in aquatic environments.

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In Mark Twain’s “The Lowest Animal”, man’s once top place in Earth’s caste system is disputed
Based on Mark Twain’s satirical essay, “The Lowest Animal,” what ..

An evaluation of the essay the lowest animal by mark twain

Why/Why not?
Fishbowl Discussion/Closure

After working to complete handout, teams will enter the fishbowl to lead the class in discussions about close reading notes and topics Twain covers in his essay,
The Lowest Animal.

Teams share responses with class and enter into a scholarly discussion about how Twain uses satire to make his point about evolution.

Groups take notes on all topics covered, using the guidance from student-teacher teams for each of the 13 points covered in the essay.

Mar 06, 2007 · Mark Twain seems to think, based on his essay The Lowest Animal , ..

chemicals, end the nuclear age, and encourage sustainable trade

The essay, "The Lowest Animal" by Mark Twain fairly sarcastic although it still makes the reader really think about what he's saying