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Features hundreds of credible pros and cons including scientific marijuana research and ... 17 States with Pending Legislation to Legalize Medical Marijuana ... pros and cons about legalizing marijuana

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Lucido about his knowledge on medical marijuana I’ve noticed some pros and cons.

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In the paper Prohibition Works the author discusses numerous reasons marijuana should be kept illegal, and the second paper Legalization of Marijuana the author makes many valid points on why marijuana should be legalized for medical use.

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In this paper we shall consider a brief history of cannabis, the parallels of legalizing medical marijuana and prohibition of alcohol in the 1920’s with regard to ethical egoism and utilitarian theories....

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The cost of continuing to prohibit marijuana could reach extreme highs.

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In 1937, after a national propaganda campaign against Marijuana, Congress had passed the Marijuana Tax Act that restricted possession of the drug to individuals who paid large taxes for authorized medical and industrial uses....

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A version of this letter appears in print on August 1, 2014, on Page A22 of the  with the headline: Legalizing Marijuana: Pros and Cons.

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