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However, costumes don't come easily. Conceiving, designing, and fabricating a costume is a collaborative activity that demands attention, skill, and creativity for a large portion of the year. For some krewes, the costumes for "next year's" ball begin at "this year's" ball. The costume is part of a process that goes through conception of a theme; sketching of designs; selection of fabric and embellishments; fabrication of costumes, back pieces, head pieces, and stages; production of the ball, itself, where everything comes together; and, finally, storage of these extraordinarily large objects. Throughout the months-long process, communities form around the costume to bring the event to realization. This essay tells the stories of six people who have been an integral part of bringing Mardi Gras costumes to the Capital City for a night of celebration.

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Alsobrook, director of the History Museum of Mobile, wrote, "In this lively, meticulously researched essay, Steve Joynt slices through the thicket of legend and lore surrounding Mobile's own Joseph Stillwell Cain, the founder of the Port City's modern Mardi Gras.

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While Larry Fremin, Carol Guion, Bo and Patty Stepp, and Loretta Shelton are nearing the latter days of their Mardi Gras work, Catherine Whitehead is just beginning hers. As the daughter of Michael Hale, President of the Krewe of Tucumcari, Catherine has recently stepped in to lend—all her work is volunteer—her creative skills to the Krewe. In the early days, a local seamstress, Madge Gomez, made their costumes. When she passed away in 2011, the krewe turned to New Orleans. Most of the design and fabrication for the all-male Krewe of Tucumcari is done by a company in New Orleans, A Masquerade Costume. However, in the past several years, Catherine has brought her skills to the krewe, particularly to show support for her father. The two of them, together, participated in the interview for this essay because their work is so collaborative.

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A sampler of audio and video on the Folklife in Louisiana website.

Big Chief Darryl Montana spent his final Mardi Gras Day leading the Yellow Pocahontas, according to an essay posted on Huffington …


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