Managing Diversity in the Workplace

Managers understand the concept of diversity, and how important diversity is to the success of a company’s ability to implement programs that continue to develop a harmonious and diverse workplace....

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Using real case studies and examples, HR consultant Catherine Mattice helps you create a strategic plan to support diversity and inclusion in your workplace and manage a diverse workforce.

She outlines a process for creating a strategic plan and benchmarks for success.

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Wilson (2009) suggests that the differences in generations should be viewed as a diversity issue, managing and valuing the differences in perspectives, while finding common ground. In an effort to further help the reader understand the diversity, Wilson (2009) gave a breakdown of the four generations in the workplace with some basic characteristics such as the Loyal Traditionalists, Optimistic Baby Boomers, Independent Gen Xers and Technologically Savvy Millennials (p. 48). What strikes me about the diversity approach is that on one hand the focus is on similarities, and yet at the same time, the focus is on differences between stakeholders. This is very unique to the generational conversation, where it seems more politically correct to use age as a gauge of difference as opposed to religion, race, gender or other topics, which would normally create uproar in an office setting. Can you imagine a list of four religions found in the workplace with a list of each trait in each religion and how one should manage people by the trait? This perpetuates stereotypes and one of the interesting things I’m exploring is how age diversity is different. Or is it?

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View this term paper on Managing Diversity in the Workplace.

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communication, adaptability and change. Diversitywill increase significantly in the coming years. Successfulorganizations recognize the need for immediate action and are ready andwilling to spend resources on managing diversity in the workplace now.

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- Top companies makeassessing and evaluating their diversity process an integral part oftheir management system. A customizable employee satisfaction surveycan accomplish this assessment for your company efficiently andconveniently. It can help your management team determine whichchallenges and obstacles to diversity are present in your workplace andwhich policies need to be added or eliminated. Reassessment can thendetermine the success of you diversity in the workplace planimplementation.

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Managing Diversity in the Workplace