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The literal darkness Lady Macbeth calls for seems to correspond to the evil or "dark" act she plans to commit.

When Lady Macbeth calls for the murderous spirits to prevent "heaven" from "peep[ing] through the blanket of the dark to cry 'Hold, Hold!'" she implies that light (here associated with God, heaven, and goodness) offers protection from evil and is the ... by proclaiming "out, out brief candle" (5.5.3).

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"Stars hide your fires let not light see my black and deep desires"
Macbeth is asking the dark to prevent the light (or Goodness) from sensing his murderous thoughts.

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Shakespeare uses the dark to show that Macbeth is begining his journey on his path to evil and it is already corrupting him.

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In Macbeth, the forces of darkness seem constantly at odds with those of light

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