with the easily satisfied mind of the self-uninterested Banquo:—

Ib. sc. 2. Now that the deed is done or doing—now that the first reality commences. Lady Macbeth shrinks. The most simple sound strikes terror, the most natural consequences are horrible, whilst previously every thing, however awful, appeared a mere trifle; conscience, which before had been hidden to Macbeth in selfish and prudential fears, now rushes in upon him in her own veritable person:

and then Macbeth's earnest reply,—

Is it too minute to notice the appropriateness of the simile 'as breath,' &c., in a cold climate?

Still again Banquo goes on wondering like any common spectator:

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Were such things here as we do speak about?

(Macbeth'smutterings would be today's voice-overs.) So to set the scene,he had to use dialogue.Macbeth pays spies in each of his warlords' castles, so he hasother people available.

whilst Macbeth persists in recurring to the self-concerning:—

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Moments later, the bad guys break in and stab him to death.

Again, you'll need to decide for yourself.Shakespeare only uses the word "evil(s)" in the Englandscene, and only uses it to refer to bad deeds and bad charactertraits.

It showslife at its most brutal and cynical, in order to ask life's toughest question.

The king shouts "Oh valiant cousin!

Lost in the prospective of his guilt, he turns round alarmed lest others may suspect what is passing in his own mind, and instantly vents the lie of ambition:

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(In Holinshed, Banquo is Macbeth's accomplice.

Here are some things to notice.The three witches remind English teachers of the three Fatesof Greek mythology and the three Norns of Norse mythology.

Everybody brings a different set of experiences to a book,a theater, or a classroom.

(This kind of thinghappens in our era, too.

William III told a manwho asked for his touch, "May God give you better health and better sense.")Some people will decide that the Macbeths are victims of supernaturalforces beyond anybody's control.