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After her own children are adults and abandon her, Nel decides to pay Eva a visit. The old woman accuses Nel of being just as guilty for Chicken Little’s death as Sula. Nel is finally forced to come to grips with the truth. Sula was not really the evil one; instead, it is she herself that is evil - hard-hearted and accusing; she even admits to herself that she delighted in Chicken Little’s death, while Sula was horrified by it. Nel suddenly knows that her friendship with Sula was the best thing she has ever had, stronger than motherhood or marriage. She accepts that Sula was really the other side of her coin. The unique combination of the two women, who completely complement each other, forms a friendship that supercedes everything else in their lives.

“Completion comes from within.”

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In spite of her evaluation of herself, Sula is a marvelously created and complex character. Early in the novel, she cuts off the tip of her own finger to protect herself and Nel from the vicious attacks of some white boys. When Chicken Little drowns, she is terrified, but cares enough to go and seek the help of Shadrack; when he tells her only “always,” she misunderstands and feels that he has made some kind of threat, which she never forgets. Sula resents her mother because of her lack of emotion towards her daughter; as a result, when her mother catches on fire, Sula watches with detachment as she burns to death. With the same controlled emotion, she puts Eva in a nursing home, rather than care for her, and she sleeps with the husband of Nel as a way to strike back at her friend for having abandoned her. Sula has truly lived her life independently and on the edge.

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When Sula returns to The Bottom after her ten-year absence, it is obvious that she has definitely changed. She comes home dressed like a movie star and reveals that she has been to college. The people in Medallion, who have always found Sula to be strange, now feel totally alienated from her. Her difference makes her unacceptable; as a result, every bad thing that happens in the town is blamed on her, especially after she puts Eva in a nursing home and has her affair with her best friend’s husband. Because the people of The Bottom, in their small-mindedness, reject her, Sula feels totally isolated; then when Nel rejects her as well, she has nothing to live for and goes early to her grave. On her deathbed, Sula reflects on her life. She remembers the death of Chicken Little and watching her mother burn to death. She decides her life had little meaning. It is a tragic comment on Sula’s existence.

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Like much of her other work, Sula offers commentary on the lives of Black Americans and the hardships wrought by racism, on issues of gender, on the relationships between mothers and daughters, and on the ways men and women relate to each other. Morrison has said that she's invested in recording African-American history, and while Sula mostly focuses on Nel and Sula, we also get a look at the community of which they are a part, of the customs and traditions they share, and of the ways they deal with pain, fear, love, sex, and death.

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I truly believe if most people believed this society would be so much better. When you are not concerned with others validation you love yourself. Loving yourself gives you the freedom to do what’s best for you and make the best choices and if others were the same then they would understand. At 30 I began to truly love myself. From physical, sexual, and mental abuse it was difficult to navigate but I had no option. I was were I knew I should not be, a failed marriage. When I saw the toll it was taking I left with child in tow so she didn’t witness mommy not loving herself. 4 years later it was the best decision for me.

contains a brief biography and her 1993 Nobel Prize acceptance lecture

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A selective list of literary criticism for African American novelist Toni Morrison, including signed articles by recognized scholars, peer and editor reviewed articles, and web sites that follow MLA guidelines for web pages.

Knadler, Stephen.   38, 1 (Spring 2004) 98-118 [first page only, blurred, jstor].

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