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Frohoff, Toni. 1998. Beyond species. In Linda Hogan, Deena Metzger, and Brenda Patterson. (eds.), Intimate Nature: The Bond Between Women and Nature. New York: The Ballantine Publishing Group.

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Boyd- Heger, Diane. 1998. Living with wolves. In Linda Hogan, Deena Metzger, and Brenda Patterson. (eds.). Intimate Nature: The Bond Between Women and Nature. NY: The Ballantine Publishing Group.

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This sample Linda Hogan Essay is published for informational purposes only

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You would have to the read the book and both the packet.
1) Create a conversation between Wangari Maathai and Linda Hogan
In “A Cracked Mirror,” Maathai argues, “Cultural revival might be the only thing that stands between the conservation or destruction of the environment, the only way to perpetuate the knowledge and wisdom inherited from the past necessary for the survival of future generations.” She explains further that, “Communities that have not yet undergone industrialization have a close connection with the physical environment, which they often treat with reverence.

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Linda Hogan, a Chickasaw writer with a fine reputation as a poet, has chosen as the subject of her first novel the Oklahoma oil boom of the 1920s. The Indians who had been forcibly resettled onto apparently worthless land suddenly found themselves in possession of one of the country's richest oil fields--to their great misfortune. U.S. businessmen and government, as it happened, couldn't bear the sight of a rich Indian, and although the history of Native Americans since colonization is a fairly predictable story of betrayal and land theft, this chapter is a particular shocker. Only a poet could have made it both shocking and beautiful to read.

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33As a writer of Chickasaw heritage, Linda Hogan centers herself and, consequently, her readers on what nature has to teach human beings and on the regenerative female forces that shape the world. The Chickasaw were matrilineal, which means the family line is passed down through the mother; other tribes, though recognizing men as their leaders, revered their women as the creative life force of the universe. Domination by Christian Europeans, Hogan maintains, has altered the traditional tribal balance between male and female power in American Indian life. In her works Hogan seeks to restore that balance and to offer ancient wisdom about nature in mythological yet contemporary terms.