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Sociologists and psychologists have one thing in common in the sense that both their practices are fashioned and informed by theories. Theories are explanations that tend to assert why things are as they are. There are a number of theories offer explanations on human behaviour and development. A concise understanding of lifespan development is gained by approaching the whole issue via multidimensionality. The multidimensional approach allows a practitioner in the field of human development to understand the contribution of various parties to the practices that they are employing in their practices. The essay that follows will attempt to apply Erik Erikson’s theory on psychosocial development in understanding lifespan development.

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A graph of DNA-repair activity standardized on the rat ("rat-relative repair", where rat DNA-repair activity equals 1.0), showed a direct correlation between rat-relative DNA repair and maximum lifespan for the species [MECHANISMS OF AGING AND DEVELOPMENT; Cortopassi, GA; 91:211-218 (1996)].

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