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Opponents of sentencing juveniles to life without parole say that the U.S. cannot remain so conspicuously out of step with the international community; it needs to reform its laws to correspond with those of the rest of the world. Indeed, those reformers have pointed to some signs that a national sea change has already begun regarding life imprisonment for juveniles. For example, they note that the number of juveniles jailed for life without parole dropped each year from 1999 to 2003, the last year for which data are available. In 2003, only 54 Americans under the age of 18 were sentenced to life without parole.

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Sentences of life without parole for trying to sell $10 worth of marijuana to an undercover cop.

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However, legal scholars say that whatever action the Court takes is not likely to have as sweeping an effect on juvenile-justice law as did. If the Court sides with Sullivan, for example, the only lasting effect may be to eliminate life-without-parole sentences for 13- and 14-year-olds, or in non-homicide cases. Critics of sentencing juveniles to life without parole say that they hope the Court will decide to abolish the practice completely. However, they acknowledge that even half-measures would be better than no progress at all.

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Finally, opponents of juvenile life-without-parole sentences assert that a disproportionate number of African-American youths receive those sentences. Indeed, according to Earl Ofari Hutchinson, a journalist who writes about the African-American community, black teenagers are 10 times more likely to be sentenced to life without parole than their white counterparts. That racial gap, Hutchinson writes, is "vast and troubling" and has had "terrible consequences in black communities."

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Meanwhile, Longworth now says he is being threatened on a daily basis with solitary confinement for "knowing better than to do what I did." (Longworth spoke through a third party, because he is "not free to communicate" by email or phone.)

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Scott's bill cites a 2005 Supreme Court decision to help defend its position on juvenile life-without-parole sentences. In the case , the Court abolished the practice of sentencing criminals to death for crimes they committed at the age of 16 or 17. (A 1988 Supreme Court decision had previously invalidated death sentences for crimes committed before the age of 16.)

Statistics states that nearly 3000 juveniles who are put in American prisons are given a life sentence without the option of parole (EJI)....

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Finally, proponents of sentencing juveniles to life without parole assert that the controversial felony-murder provision--in which life sentences without parole are given simply for being a party to a crime that resulted in murder, even if the juvenile in question did not personally kill anyone--is a necessary component of the U.S. justice system. The possibility of being convicted of felony murder is an effective deterrent, proponents say, because it makes juveniles think twice about the company they choose to keep. A juvenile who is found guilty of felony murder is "just as responsible because [he or she] didn't do anything to stop it," says Jay Donaldson, the father of the man who was gunned down by one of the Knox twins in July 2007. "For all intents and purposes, [that person] did it too."

If you are on probation they will be supervised by a parole officer that keeps up with what the criminal is doing.

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The practice of sending juvenile offenders to jail for life without parole has been very controversial as well. Are life-without-parole sentences for juveniles morally justified?

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Since the decision, critics of sentencing juveniles to life without parole have argued that the Court's majority opinion could easily be applied to their cause. If the possibility of rehabilitation makes juvenile death sentences unconstitutional, that possibility should render life-without-parole sentences for juveniles illegal as well, they maintain. "The principles driving would seem to suggest that its impact does not stop at the execution chamber," says Douglas Berman, a law professor at Ohio State University in Columbus.