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He states, “The goal of the Ethics is to determine how best to achieve happiness.” In order to achieve happiness, one must live a virtuous life, in the mind of Aristotle....

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Pi told a horrible story about the ruthlessness of the cook and the death of the other survivors.

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When Yann Martel won the Booker Prize for his genre-defying novel, chair of judges Lisa Jardine said that Life of Pi would "make you believe in God." () We're not 100% positive about that claim, but we do think that if any book can do it, it might just be this one. Protagonist Pi is a pan-theist with a huge heart who ecstatically follows three religions by the time he's sixteen years old. He's irrepressible when it comes to faith: he loves the rituals, the stories, the ceremonies, the philosophy...and he loves to worship.

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What a dude, huh? Pi manages, in the course of Life of Pi, not only to tame a wild tiger, but to preach love and tolerance. The message that Pi wants to get out is the same as Gandhi's: all religions are true. (Pi even extends this to atheism, because he's open-minded like that.)

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We'd call it a Cinderella story, except the plot of Life of Pi is way more bonkers than the story of a girl with small feet who gets married to a prince.

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And Martel admits in Life of Pi's "Author's Note" that his novel is "indebted to Mr. Moacyr Scliar, for the spark of life" (Author's Note.1.28). Martel also confesses he read a review of Scliar's novel, and that its basic story—a boy and an animal trapped on a boat together—never left him.

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It claims to make you believe in God, but when I read very carefully, I get the message that Pi chooses to believe in God simply because it is the "better story," and not because he actually whole-heartedly believes it.

If those parts that I don't like were missing from the story, Life of Pi would be quite different, and my opinion on it might become worse.

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The story is told in the first person, but by two different narrators. At first, as expected, the Author’s Note is in the author’s voice, but this voice becomes a fictional narrator as the story progresses. The bulk of the narration is reminiscences of the adult Pi as told to this fictional author. Regardless of which narrator is speaking, the story is from an adult viewpoint. However, the tone of the young Pi comes through and the reader feels as if it is a teenage boy narrating at times.

Yann Martel painstakingly describes his home life, his school life and his life at the zoo to paint a mental picture of the essence of Pi.

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The story Life of Pi, written by Yann Martel, is a novel about how the influence of geometry had helped a boy hold his faith in God and survive the incredible shipwreck that shaped his life forever.

Piscine Molitor Patel is the main character of the story Life of Pi, known to as the nickname Pi....

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Everything about life is a story and we can choose our own story. Martel’s point is that the story that is more imaginative is the better story. The reader can choose whether Pi’s life is real-life fiction or imaginative fiction. Pi presents the Japanese men (and the reader) with two stories, one inspired and one crude reality. The men prefer the better story and in the end accept it. Pi feels that God prefers the better story as well, “And so it goes with God.”