A roller coaster is like train.

For example, when people say “Life is a roller coaster.” In this metaphorical symbol the person doesn’t actually mean that life is a roller coaster, it’s a figure of speech, which indicates that life has its ups and downs.

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Roller Coaster and Train Essay - 898 Words | Majortests At first glance, a roller coaster is something like a passenger train.

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Roller Coaster: A roller coaster symbolizes life is not always the best and it is like a roller coaster, you have ...

Jamaica Kincaid's Roller Coaster Life - Family makes us who we are whether we like it or we .....

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My Life is a Rollercoaster - A Short Story essays My Life is a Rollercoaster - A Short Story essaysLife is a rollercoaster of emotions.

Roller Coaster Quotes - BrainyQuote Life is like a roller coaster, live it, be happy, enjoy life.

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Free roller coasters Essays and Papers The Physics of Roller Coasters - A roller coaster is a thrill ride found in amusement ....

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Hey Rufi, thank you! You struck so many chords with my own sentiments. I am a mother of 2 daughters (one11 year old and one 3 weeks old, yes, the 11 year gap). I am a full time teacher/researcher on study leave for 2 measly two months, which, is a privilege already in my country. Husband is away for his PhD, and we basically only chat on video during wee hours when he is studying and while I am breastfeeding. Life is certainly a roller coaster. How do I channel my sentiments and rant with my days at home when he is also battling daily with his studies and his professors, nope. Just thankful I don’t need pick-up his underwear though. The challenge is when the maternity leave is over…..Keep on writing. You are an inspiration. I’m sharing your essay!