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Once the students had their essay templates complete, they began to write their essays. We discussed the concept of "first draft," "second draft" and "final draft." I made it clear that this would be a "sloppy copy." They just needed to write the essay using the information on their template. The students wrote the essays that were fairly basic, almost a straight copy from what they had written on the template. The first draft was well-organized but lacked personality, and contained spelling and grammar errors. Nevertheless, we took a moment as a class to pat ourselves on the back for creating well-organized essays.

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Although course requirements vary, academic essays are expected to contain focused content, show wide and critical reading through presenting integrated relevant literature, be well structured to demonstrate a logical sequence of ideas, and be presented in academic writing style with the requested formatting. The following is intended as a guide, and further instruction may be given by your class tutor.

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The students wrote or typed the final draft and put it in their folder, which contains all of their notes, quick write, completed template, and earlier drafts of the essay. Before they handed in the folders, I had them look over the papers in their folders and write a response to this question: "What are two things you learned about how to be a better writer?" Most of the students wrote about how they finally understood how to organize an essay; many wrote about how they always thought they should just write something and hand it in, but that now they realized how much work they needed to do to produce quality writing. Many of them also expressed confidence that they would be able to pass the writing test.

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