and notby any uncertain and arbitrary form of government .

Americans were ready for a change - for an end to liberal leadership, especially in the Presidency, and for the beginning of conservative leadership. And that was what guided the election of 1980.

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The 1970s and the 1980s: The Decline of Liberalism and the Triumph of Conservatism

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Both Hayek and Burkewarned, however, that the endeavor to destroy inherited customs, morals,and prejudices must also destroy the humanistic liberal society engenderedand sustained by such phenomena. Hayek points out, moreover, that the exaggererated regard for the constructivepower of ‘reason’ which stems from ignorance of the significance of evolvedsocial phenomena typically generates a demand to rationalize the socialprocess through the coercive agency of government.

[Even the legislature has no] absolute arbitrary power,.

Perhaps no other thought is as uncongenial to themodern rationalist temper as the idea that man is not free rationally todetermine or ‘choose’ his ethical or legal framework; modern thought bearslittle trace of that "strong impression of the ignorance and fallibilityof mankind" thatlong served to suppress such rationalistic hubris.

more dear and precious thanthis, to be guided and governed by the certain rule of law, .

to supplythe poor with necessaries.

Both, in effect, seem to have subscribed to the sort of "value-centeredhistoricism"—one that acknowledges the reality of universal and transcendentvalue—espoused by Claes G.

It would be a vain presumption in statesmento think they can do it.

Yet, paradoxically, Hayek’swork itself embodies such an existential spiritual orientation; and hispassionate evocation of the transcendent significance of the person isstarkly incongruous with his naturalistic-evolutionary justification ofliberal values and principles (Cf.

The people maintain them and not they the people.

Existential religion, understood as a livingencounter with transcendent goodness or as an immediate experience of higherreality, seems to have been unfamiliar to him.

to have a standing rule to live by, common to everyone of that society, .

What happened to the economy during Reagan's Presidency?

When all is saidand done, if Hayek had recognized an existential dimension to religion,his and Burke’s religious views may not have been as far apart as appearancessuggest.

Conservative - Derived from Middle English term conserven,meaning to save, guard, preserve.

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John T. Jost., C. M. F. J. L. N., 2012. Political Ideology: Its Structure, Functions, and Elective Affinities, Pensylvannia: Jones and Barlett Publishers.

In short, by the late 1970s, many Americans no longer trusted their government.

[convinced it can] remodel society" in any image it chooses.

And "[n]either the few northe many have a right to act merely by their will, in any matter connectedwith duty, trust, engagement, or obligation" (Burke, ,162).