What is so elegant about the comic is the fact that all of this chaos is built up in fully believable increments, and that at every step it is quite possible that Donald truly doesn't have a clue about what he is causing to happen.
It is at this time, 1959, that Bob Gregory steps in as the scriptwriter.

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From the Swedishedition published in 1961.

We experience an exciting pentathlon, with branches for pole jumping, tiddlywinks, and house of cards construction.
"Stone Money Mystery" in Donald Duck number 69 is pretty good too, but mostly I mention that one for personal nostalgic reasons.

A good guess would be Tony Strobl.

It began with Donald Duck issue number 65 and the series "One for the Whammy", where we make the acquaintance of Scottish cousin Wee Angus from Scrooge's birthplace Cheapside in Scotland.

He acquired a solid general arts education at the Cleveland School of Art, between 1933 and 1937.

My Life as an Undocumented Immigrant - The New York Times

Tony saw it and, of course, thought that drawing dwarfs and cute animals could be something for him, so he sent off his application to the Disney studio.

Thoreau’s Wilderness Legacy, Beyond the Shores of …

Nam was on. Nam was on with a vengeance. The soldiers would not come home the same. None of us would be the same. We were all soldiers. They would fight in Nam. We would fight at home, at home on the mushy battlefield of our minds. The casualty rate was about the same.

The Uninhabitable Earth - NYMag

Some time later, when he arrived in Hollywood and personally visited the studio's personnel office, he was accepted with the same portfolio and no questions about the art school credentials he in fact had.

The Uninhabitable Earth Famine ..

The geeks came too. The lonely ones, the hungry ones, the ones without a prayer. They were in search of their own salvation, in search of love. They heard it was free. They walked and drove and clawed their way to the street called Haight. When they arrived they stood with the soldiers and gaped at themselves. It was not what they imagined. A mind was a terrible thing to waste, and their minds got wasted.

They had an idea about a new type of comic book hero and were just in the process of developing it.

The Paper Route Panic was his second in the Donald Duck suite.

To a kid from New York, San Francisco was Oz. A fairy tale city of Victorian wood. Ken Kesey was a government intelligence experiment gone wrong. He would invent the acid test and fail it himself. With what was left of his mind he took the Dead on a bus ride through a crack in reality and into history. Many would join the dance at the Dog and the Fillmore. A dance of longing, a dance of hope, a dance of love, a futile dance of naive believers. God it was good. God it was brief.

It is inked by Steve Steere who came to be the main Strobl inker.

It was nineteen sixty eight. Last year was the summer of love. You could stand on Haight Street and see the soldiers coming. They came in bright new uniforms, their faces scrubbed and young. They came to see what Time magazine was talking about. They would be shipping out in the morning, and the girls were beautiful. Oh the beautiful girls.

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The character was Superman.
By the time Tony had completed his degree, the first animated feature film, "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs", had just had its premier.