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To a certain extent, the pornographic elements of the films are denaturalized as in 'Romance' (1999), or mixed in a collage that dislocates the sexual activity as in 'Irreversible' (2002) and 'Baisse-moi' (2001).

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Then they went forth from Celfa (of Canal it has its name),
Never a whit they rested, but marched the livelong day.
And that night unto their lodging in Calatayud came they.
And they sent forth their heralds through the length of all the land.
A great and sovran army they gathered to their hand.
With the two Kings Fariz and Galve (these are the names they bear).
They will besiege my noble lord the Cid in Alcocer.

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XLVI When my lord the Cid was ready from the Castle to depart,
The Moors both men and women cried out in bitter woe:
"Lord Cid art thou departing? Still may our prayers go
Before thy path, for with thee we are full well content. "
For my lord the great Cid of Bivar, when from Alcocer he went,
The Moors both men and women made lamentation sore.
He lifted up the standard, forth marched the Campeador.
Down the Jalon he hastened, on he went spurring fast.
He saw birds of happy omen, as from the stream he passed.
Glad were the townsmen of Terrer that he had marched away,
And the dwellers in Calatayud were better pleased than they.
But in the town of Alcocer 'twas grief to all and one,
For many a deed of mercy unto them the Cid had done.
My lord the Cid spurred onward. Forward apace he went;
'Twas near to the hill Monreal that he let pitch his tent.
Great is the hill and wondrous and very high likewise.
Be it known from no quarter doth he need to dread surprise.
And first he forced Doroca tribute to him to pay,
And then levied on Molina on the other side that lay,
Teruel o'er against him to submit he next compelled
And lastly Celfa de Canal within his power he held.

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XXV They heaped the spoil together. Pondered the Cid my lord,
He who in happy hour had girded on the sword,
How tidings of his raiding to the King would come ere long,
And Alfonso soon would seek him with his host to do him wrong.
He bade his spoil-dividers make a division fair,
And furthermore in writing give to each man his share.
The fortune of each cavalier had sped exceeding well,
One hundred marks of silver to each of them there fell,
And each of the foot soldiers the half of that obtained.
A round fifth of the treasure for my lord the Cid remained
But here he could not sell it, nor in gifts give it away.
No captives, men or women, he desired in his array.
And with the men of Castejon he spoke to this intent
To Hita and Guadalajara ambassadors he sent
To find how high the ransom of the fifth part they would rate.
Even as they assessed it, his profit would be great.
Three thousand marks of silver the Moors agreed to pay.
The Cid was pleased. And duly was it paid on the third day.
My lord the Cid determined with all his men of war
That there within the castle they would abide no more,
And that they would have held it, but that water sore it lacked:
"Ye Moors are friendly to the King; even so runs the pact,
With his host will he pursue us. And I desire to flee
From Castejon; Minaya and my men, so hark to me;

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LVI The Count was a great braggart and an empty word he spake:
"Great wrongs he put upon me, he of Bivar, the Cid.
Within my very palace much shame to me he did:
He gave no satisfaction though he struck my brother's son;
And the lands in my keeping now doth he over-run.
I challenged him not; our pact of peace I did not overthrow;
But since he seeks it of me, to demand it I will go."

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For a hint of Varda's current interest, there's her 1985 hit "Vagabond," with actress Sandrine Bonnaire as a homeless drifter whose brushes with society disturb the surface but cannot save her life." [Ebsco]

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According to the author, Alison Butler reveals that feminist film theory was first characterized in 1970s as a form of opposition which deals with narrative and entertainment film that has developed to become an identifiable boundaries in film.