"Erik Marshall is a no-nonsense martial artist. He was one of the few instructors that was enough of a visionary to look into kettlebell training before it started to become popular.I had the opportunity to work with him and his team on that. As a kick-boxing fitness instructor, Erik is 'the man.'"- Frank DiMeo, Author, "Strength for the Streets"


How Long Will It Take to Get Certified?

1. Toned arms
If you're thinking of wearing a sleeveless or strapless dress, you'll want your arms to look as good (whether in person or in pictures) as possible. During sessions, you'll be asked to do a series of exercises including shadow boxing (where you simulate movements and punch without a punching bag or a partner to pad), sparring with your partner, practicing your moves on the punching bag, and so on.

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The high-impact, intensive sport gives you an all-rounded, effective body workout that results in toned arms, a flat tummy and overall weight loss. Here's how.

The Wharton Boxing Club is open to Wharton MBA students and their partners only.

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When legal problems sent the PKA to the wall in 1985, five major USA-based promoters and PKA executives decided to create a new body. On July 16th 1986, the International Sport Kickboxing Association was born. Mike Sawyer, Karyn Turner, Tony Thompson, John Worley and Scott Coker where the first ISKA Directors in the USA. Most of the major PKA promoters began sanctioning their events with the ISKA and several joined its administration. Major title bouts featuring the sport's finest fighters were broadcast during 1986 on ESPN television network, and helped bring credibility and recognition to this new association. At the time, the intercontinental links were the weak part of those sanctioning bodies as WAKO was virtually non existent anywhere other than Europe and WKA was almost only active in Asia.

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Guelph Family Martial Arts (GFMA) is a family friendly fitness facility that offers karate and fitness (cardio kickboxing) training by Karate World Champion Instructors. Our classes are for everyone and every level of physical fitness, so you and your family can be sure you will feel comfortable in our program. Kids programs start as young as age 3 and provide a fantastic base for your child's overall development.

Our dedicated facility in Guelph, Ontario features a padded training area, male and female change rooms, washroom and plenty of seating for parent and guest viewing. Come along to the school for a full tour!

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Under the guidance of Mike Anderson a professional branch - the PKO (PROFESSIONAL KICKBOXING ORGANIZATION) - soon emerged. It was short-lived however and when Anderson retired, in 1991, it was replaced by the IKL (INTERNATIONAL KICKBOXING LEAGUE), which itself lasted only a few years. The WORLD KICKBOXING ASSOCIATION (WKA) was created in 1976 by Howard Hanson, a Shorin Ryu Karate black belt and student of Mike Stone. It developed the field of low kicks thanks to some strong Asian connections and good promotions in Japan. The WKA also prospered in Europe. Champions like Rob Kaman, Fred Royers, Ivan Sprang and Ronnie Green emerged over a decade ago and remain planted in the memory. When Howard HANSON sold the WKA to Canadian Dale Floyd in 1991 its North American activity started to fade. Newly appointed European directors Fred Royers from Holland and Jean-Paul Maillet from France left in January 1994 when Paul Ingram took over the prestigious federation and established its World headquarters in the UK. At the time, WKA was the second largest professional sanctioning organisation in the World.

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A European arm of ISKA was going to prove vital. In October 1986 Olivier Muller, Jérome Canabate and Mohamed Hosseini were appointed ISKA European directors. American Richard Mayor oversaw the establishment of this European wing as European President between 1986 and 1988. By 1991, the worldwide control of the ISKA was shared by co-chairmen - SAWYER and MULLER. It was their work that secured international TV coverage, that began to unite separate organisations springing up world-wide and took responsibility for sanctioning and grading.