DEBATE: A Reply to Ken Wilber's Audio Rebuttal

Ken Wilber’s wide-ranging and fundamentally hopeful monograph is an analysis of the recent presidential election from the perspective of levels of consciousness as developed primarily according to his own Integral Evolutionary Theory. The powerful contribution he brings here is to move us beyond the reactivity gripping both sides of the political spectrum and offer a much broader perspective. He proposes that Trump’s upset victory reflects an “evolutionary self-correction” necessitated by the fact that the leading edge of consciousness, the so-called green level, lost its way in a mass of internal self-contradictions and gradually failed to lead. His 90-page paper is a lengthy, often verbose, occasionally brilliant analysis of how this situation came to be and what needs to happen to heal it.

Ken Wilber's "Integral Age", January 2007

Shepherd, Ken Wilber and Integralism, August 2009

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Secondly, seems I never hear anyone talking about the contexts of macro and micro requiring justice and mercy respectively to maintain human cohesion. For a group, justice is the highest good, a balancing of the scales, but for individual relationships, mercy and compassion that deliberately unbalance the scales in favor of the beloved is the highest good. Both are love tuned to different contexts. As greens with best intentions work to legislate compassion in the macro, they are losing the cohesion of the group, which it seems Trump exploited. Unless there is some unprecedented shift in human nature, it seems there will always be the need for justice and rule of law in group settings–which may also mean borders and immigration regulations–to maintain the integrity of groups in which mercy and compassion can be protected and practiced in individual, micro settings. I’m not sure we evolve beyond certain realities in our group relations even as we grow in our collective spiritual consciousness.

Ken Wilber: The Integral Vision (Pt. 1 of 2)

All very interesting, and though I’m not fully schooled in developmental stages but see how they generally follow stages of spiritual growth, I’m sensing that too much is being forced into this model, trying to make things fit–as it seemed you were implying in softening the distinction between orange and green. That Trump either rallied or regressed voters to amber I think may miss the more urgent imperative of people just needing jobs. It’s amazing how much human evolution vanishes at the dinner table. People without jobs will generally follow someone promising work. Occam’s razor here: the simplest explanation tends to be true, though certainly there are amber voters in the Trumps ranks, as I imagine there are among Clinton voters as well.

Augustine's "In Defence of Ken Wilber's Integral Theory of Everything" , November 2012
- Alex Grey - a short page dedicated to Ken Wilber, with a visionary portrait

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Another reason for his appeal lies in his neo-"Renaissance" universalism. He provided a philosophy that was right for the time; in the spiritual supermarket full of disparate teachings in areas as diverse eastern philosophy, human potential movement, psychedelic drug experiences, the revival of ancient wisdom, transpersonal psychology, new age workshops, gurus and channellers, shamans and hippies, Wilber has woven it all together: Freud, Fechner, Chogyam Trungpa, Plotinus, Nagarjuna, quantum theory, evolution,... a unifying framework based on an all-inclusive paradigm that ties everything else together. It's the appeal of the "". The last instance of this in the West was (who Wilber quotes approvingly). Wilber represents and carries on to this human yearning for grand visions of "everything" and thirst for complete certitude. It also helped that he lives in America, a polarised yet vibrant nation which is always looking for new gimmicks and ideas.

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‘I myself have some friendly disagreements with Frank about many of these topics, but I always learn something important from him in our exchanges, and I believe you will, too.’
Ken Wilber, .

Wallis, Does Ken Wilber offer a good metatheory?: A Response to Frank Visser's ThreeQuestions, August 2010

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If it is as necessary for us to communicate understanding as Ken Wilber suggests that it is (and I would have to agree) than it is great that many of us can find other means in which to do it.