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When Earl left for Europe, the Market softened, and Exner’s 1957 line up was discovered, the GM design staffer staged a coup. They threw out a perfectly fine 1958 set of bodies and spent the next months one-upping Exner. Representing the World’s Largest Corporation, the designers were not going to allow someone else make them look bad. Damn the costs required for the new 1959 bodies, damn the engineering, damn the plans Earl and GM upper management approved earlier, the GM staffers lost faith in their management, had Earl’s replacement, Mitchell, walking a fine line between subordination and leadership, and lost sight of the long term design standards GM needed to retain into the next couple of years. The design team that gave us the 1959 cars felt that their reputations were being challenged by Exner and threw caution to the wind.

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Thinkers at this time and later saw themselves as rediscovering and redistributing the legacy of classical Greco-Roman culture by renewing forgotten studies and artistic practices, hence the name "renaissance" or "rebirth." They believed they were breaking with the days of "ignorance" and "superstition" represented by recent medieval thinking, and returning to a golden age akin to that of the ancient Greeks and Romans from centuries earlier--a cultural idea that will eventually culminate in the of the late 1600s up until about 1799 or so.

When i have fears john keats essay

Although the new ’59 proposals had a substantially improved clarity of line and organic cohesiveness, which the clean Cadillac flanks show perhaps to best advantage, the need for a degree of continuity was still considered essential by Earl, especially so with the Cadillac. Thus very busy front and rear ends bookmark its relatively clean middle. It still had to be instantly recognizable as a Cadillac coming down the street to protect its dominant position in the luxury car field. As much as the final cars were changed due to the “palace revolt”, they were still guided to completion by Earl. How might they have looked if he had retired a year earlier?

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The major Romantic poets included William Blake, William Wordsworth, John Keats, Percy Bysshe Shelley, and Lord Gordon Byron.

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Partly, that was due to circumstances beyond its maker’s control. A nasty recession hit in 1958, and suddenly small was beautiful. That recession was the catalyst for the sea change that had been brewing for some time: a big chunk of the population suddenly saw that the forces propelling the big finned Detroit barges was utterly unsustainable. Books like John Keats “The Insolent Chariots” (1958) tapped into this new zeitgeist.

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I can remember being fascinated with these when I began my obsession with cars at age 4 in 1963, yes I was born in the year of the ultimate tailfins as I refer to it. I can also remember my parents being revolted by the grotesque in their heads ostentatiousness of the styling of these cars. I knew at age 5 that they were considered Outdated and boughewah in 1964. No rich person would be caught dead in their 5 year old Cadillac at the time. It was probably well outdated by 1962. Later when I moved to LA in the early 80s I breifly toyed with the ridiculous idea that a pink 59 Convertible for $29.000 was a bargain. I Still would like one, I loved how you could see the tailfins & lights in rear view mirror. Now I have to aDmit that the 1960 was a rather big Improvement, as was the 1963 & 1965. To my eyes anyway.

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It seems to me that any design that tries to interpret the future is usually the design that most often becomes the design that embodies the failed past. Flash Gordon is a great example. Retro-futurism, if you will. It shows what past generations envisioned for the future, and delightfully how wrong or misguided they ended up being. To me, that is what the 59 Cadillac represents – an end of a generation. This was the end of the line for the WWII era and the start of the new. This was all mid-century modern taking over. It did it earlier in architecture, and cars and fashion made the same changes at about the same time. Eisenhower gave way to Kennedy, Mamie gave way to Jackie, and the 59 Caddy gave way to the 61 Lincoln. Sadly, even this great design language faded, and we only give lip service to its revival. You see little in the way of “retro” versions of the cars from the 60s, but you do see these cars retaining their cache as an icon of a lost time and place. I guess that pink is the most popular color of these cars as we only look back at them wearing rose colored glasses.