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Quoteshere from the excellent, as ever, Project for the Exposure of Hidden Institutions(PEHI) now (somewhat annoyingly) renamed as the Institute for the Study ofGlobalization and Covert Politics (ISGP).

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Jonathan Meades' - Jerry Building: Unholy Relics of Nazi Germany(1994)
Whilst British freemasonry retained an outward Christian character in theeighteenth & ninteenth centuries that has changed since the second worldwar.

Yeats's " a="" vision":="" explications="" and="" contexts"=""

Formerly respectable masters of lodges have been and are being supplantedby ruthless, criminal individuals waiting for a 'convenient death' or usingMafia style bullying tactics to oust an opponent.

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Bilderberg has a dutiful son in President Barack Obama who will be told topress ahead with the North American Union, which is to be expanded throughoutthe Western Hemisphere into an “American Union” similar to theEuropean Union.

Yeats's Aesthetic (Toronto:University of Toronto Press, 1965)

Bilderberg, a secret elitist group that meets each spring at posh resortsprotected by armed guards, uniformed police, sometimes the host nation’smilitary plus a brigade of private, plain-clothes guards, tries hard to keepits deliberations secret.

Yeats's " a="" vision":="" explications="" and="" contexts"=""

Since the international financiers andhigh officials of government see themselves as “citizens of the world”and scorn “nationalism,” their only loyalty is bankrolls, not theircountry.

Yeats's " a="" vision":="" explications="" and="" contexts"=""

Bilderberg will return to the groundsof Nafsika Astir Palace hotels in Vouliagmeni, 20 miles outside Athens, andmeet behind guards at the Westin Nafsika.

and George Yeats Library: A Short Title Catalog at Clemson"

Yeats's " a="" vision":="" explications="" and="" contexts"=""

It is also about American missilessmashing into Palestinian homes and US helicopters firing missiles into aLebanese ambulance in 1996 and American shells crashing into a village calledQana and about a Lebanese militia - paid and uniformed by America's Israelially - hacking and raping and murdering their way through refugee camps."And much more.

Yeats's " a="" vision":="" explications="" and="" contexts"=""

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Alas, it is nocomfort to the families of thousands of ordinary Americans who have diedso terribly that the perpetrators of their suffering may be the product ofWestern policies.

Yeats's " a="" vision":="" explications="" and="" contexts"=""

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Ultimately, with creation of an “Asian-Pacific Union,”the world is to be divided into three great regions for the administrativeconvenience of a global government of the UN.