The mood which is conveyed by flashbacks is one of nostalgia.

Professor Caroline Wilkinson, Director of the Face Lab and LJMU’s School of Art and Design, commented: “Depiction of the Merseyside population as reflected by age, gender and occupation serves as a focus for examining identity – with the potential for facilitating a greater understanding of differences and similarities between people, and broadening our understanding of identity, appearance and society.

The mood which is conveyed by flashbacks is one of nostalgia.

The author's tone in The Joy Luck Club is reverent, harrowing, and reminiscent.

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The novel is divided into fours. The book comprises four sections, each of which comprises four chapters. This arrangement represents the four seats at the Mah Jong table. Each chapter in a section is devoted to one mother or daughter, and their stories eventually intertwine to the point that the story of Jing-mei and becomes a symbol of fulfillment for all of them. The mothers approach their daughters as they do the game of Mah Jong; they know the best strategy is to make any and all moves secretly so that the revelation comes at the last minute. In this way, the mothers shape their unknowing daughters, imparting precious wisdom while seeming blunt and at times even ignorant. At the same time, the daughters are aware of their mothers' cleverness, which they alternately fear, love, resent, and imitate.

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In the fourth section, "Queen Mother of the Western Skies," the mothers tell current stories about their daughters, and Jing-mei finally visits China. An-mei wants Rose to stand up for herself in her relationship with Ted just as An-mei stood up to First Wife after her own mother's suicide. In the same vein, Ying-ying wants Lena to fulfill her legacy by standing up to Harold, because she let her own spirit fade away when she got married. At the hair salon, Lindo acknowledges that Waverly is ashamed of her, but when they look in the mirror, neither can deny how much they are alike. The novel ends with Jing-mei and her sisters in China, all marveling at how they look like Suyuan.

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Lena's husband is named . They work at Livotny & Associates, the restaurant design firm he started. They met when they both worked at Harned Kelley & Davis, before Lena encouraged Harold to start his own firm. Now that their marriage is falling apart, Lena finds it hard to remember why she fell in love with Harold. She feels better after talking with , who is already divorced from . Rose tells Lena that she does not need to worry that the breakup of her marriage is her fault. Both women have worried in the past that their headstrong ways, of which their mothers disapprove, may have contributed. Rose assures Lena that fears of inadequacy are common in her generation, and the breakup is her not fault.

The author's tone in The Joy Luck Club is reverent, harrowing, and reminiscent.

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A mother complains that her daughter has placed a mirrored armoire at the foot of her and her husband's bed. The mother says the mirror will make all their happiness bounce back. To fix it, she puts another mirror at the headboard. She says it will multiply their peach-blossom luck. When the daughter asks what peach-blossom luck is, her mother tells her it is in the mirror. She says she can see her future grandchild in the mirror, and she tells her daughter to look. When the daughter looks into the mirror, she sees her own reflection.

The exhibition also reveals the features of a ‘typical’ Merseyside male criminal, with an average face created from 30 police mugshots.

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Professor Wilkinson began her professional career as a medical artist and has an MPhil in Medical Art and a PhD in Facial Anthropology. Her work is exhibited in over 30 galleries and museums worldwide and she is a keen advocate of art-science collaboration and is committed to increasing public awareness of this cross-disciplinary field. Her research team has been involved in high profile cases such as the craniofacial depiction of Richard III, Mary Queen of Scots and St Nicholas.

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At first, her mother was simply trying to get Lena to finish her rice at meals. She told Lena that her future husband would have a pockmark on his face for every unfinished grain of rice. Soon the superstition grew into a mission for Lena. She was afraid that if she left rice in her bowl, she would marry a neighborhood boy named , who had a pockmarked face and was cruel to her. An educational film about leprosy (to Lena, people with very pockmarked faces) scared Lena into trying to kill Arnold through superstition. At meals, she left increasingly larger quantities on her plate of not only rice, but all kinds of food. When Lena was thirteen, she had become anorexic and ate barely any food at all. That year, her father read in the newspaper that Arnold died from complications from measles. Lena was terrified because she thought her mother could sense that she caused Arnold's death. That night, Lena binged on strawberry ice cream and then made herself vomit it. She says, "I remember wondering why it was that eating something good could make me feel so terrible, while vomiting something terrible could make me feel so good."