A stigmatic Roman Catholic nun taught,

0.33 cubic feet
The papers contain correspondence, event programs, newspaper clippings, legal and financial documents, and home movies.

Being Faithful to the Original Faith that Was Delivered

...contend for the faith once delivered to the saints (Jude 3).

The Catholic Encyclopedia teaches:

Thus both groups admit that the belief in millenarianism was held by the early church. It was apparently abandoned by Catholic leaders when they decided to interpret certain clear prophetic passages allegorically (an article of related interest may be ) and when there was an improved arrangement between the Roman Church and the Roman Empire. Now a view that the early church held is condemned because it shows that God has a plan to offer salvation past the current Church Age.

In more recent times, Pope John-Paul II wrote:

Scarritt, Charles W. (1869-1937) Papers, 1870-1937, (K0675)
0.5 cubic foot
Scarritt, of the prominent Kansas City Scarritt family, was a Methodist pastor, businessman, realtor, and civic leader. Includes letters written to Charles by members of his family, Mrs. Calvin (Grace) Coolidge, and poet Grace Noll Crowell. Also family photographs and other family memorabilia and papers.

Take heed to thyself and to doctrine: be earnest in them (1 Timothy 4:16)

Ivan Sandrof/NBCC Board Award Winner

Sparks, Theodore C. (1871-1930) Family Papers, ca. 1750-1960, (K0083)
8 folders
Photocopied family history research done by T.C. Sparks, in the 1920's. They include anecdotes and reminiscences about family members, along with transcriptions of family letters.

Those in Polycarp's area wrote:

3.1 linear feet
The John Nathan Sparks Papers consist of the business and personal correspondence of an employee of the Missouri Lumber and Mining Company of Grandin, Missouri.

Biography/Autobiography Finalists

2 folders
Letters of J.C. Spencer to John V.S. Pruyn, lawyer in New York, concerning land, costs, and the release of Mrs. James's dower. Also a letter written by Spencer while secretary of the treasury concerning a deposit with a pension agent in Albany, NY.

Biography/Autobiography Finalists

17 folders
Sporn was an educator, poet, playwright, and essayist. Includes material concerning B'nai B'rith Women Heart of America Chapter 527 activities, such as the Dolls for Democracy program initiated by the Chapter with Fellowship House. Also Jewish Community Center event programs and her personal remembrances, writings, and photographs.

The Catholic Encyclopedia states the following:

1 folder, photocopies
These are personal papers, newspaper clippings, and genealogical material concerning Willis A. Spiller, a businessman and county official in Lebanon, Laclede County, Missouri. There is also genealogical information on the Stinson family.

Biography/Autobiography Finalists

0.25 linear feet
Correspondence to Daniel H. Spengler, of Bentonsville, Virginia, from his brothers Philip and Samuel and other relatives and friends living in Missouri and Virginia, covering the period 1856 to 1860 and 1865 to 1870. Also included are a map of New York City, a photocopy of the Warren County, Virginia census of 1850, a railroad advertisement, two train tickets, and accounts of travel expenses.