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Walter Brueggemann
The Covenanted Self: Explorations in Law and Covenant
Reviewed by Ellen F. Davis234Craig L. Blomberg
Neither Poverty nor Riches: A Biblical Theology of Material Possessions
Reviewed by Luke Timothy Johnson235Colin Gunton
The Triune Creator: A Historical and Systematic Study
Reviewed by Philip W. Butin237Kathryn Greene-McCreight
Feminist Reconstructions of Christian Doctrine:
Narrative Analysis and Appraisal

Reviewed by Teresa Berger239Timothy Sedgwick
The Christian Moral Life: Practices of Piety
Reviewed by William C. McDonough240Stanley Hauerwas, Chris K. Huebner,
Harry J. Huebner, and Mark Thiessen Nation, eds.
The Wisdom of the Cross: Essays in Honor of John Howard Yoder
Reviewed by Philip D. Kenneson242Aidan Nichols, O.P.
Christendom Awake: On Reenergizing the Church in Culture
Reviewed by Don J. Briel243Mary ToddAuthority Vested, A Story of Identity and
Change in the Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod

Reviewed by Barry A. Long245 SHORTER NOTICES
William H. Willimon and Richard Lischer, eds.
Concise Encyclopedia of Preaching
Reviewed by David Schnasa Jacobsen247

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John Howard Yoder (December 29, 1927 – December 30, 1997) was an American theologian . The Original Revolution: Essays on Christian Pacifism (1971); Nevertheless: The Varieties and Shortcomings of Religious Pacifism (1971); The Essays in Honor of John Howard Yoder Edited by – SAGE Journals The Wisdom of the Cross: Essays in Honor of John Howard Yoder. Edited by Stanley Hauenvas, Chris K. Huebnel; Harry J. Huebnel; and Mark Thiessen Nation. For the Nations: Essays Evangelical and Public – John Howard As the title indicates, this affirmative stance is the opposite of the way John Howard Yoder has often been interpreted under the label of "sectarian." The church is The Royal Priesthood: Essays Ecclesiological and Ecumenical This collection of seventeen essays on themes ecclesiological and ecumenical is intended to demonstrate the substantial unity of Yoder's John Howard Yoder. John Howard Yoder, For the Nations Essays Evangelical and Public B. Wannenwetsch (1999). Book Reviews : For the Nations: Essays Public and Evangelical, by John Howard Yoder. Grand Rapids: Eerdmans, 1997. 251 Pp. Pb. Yoder – Thinking Pacifism In the Fall of 2013 I wrote an essay on John Howard Yoder's sexual misconduct. A version of this essay, "Reflections from a chagrined 'Yoderian' in face of his What's to be done about John Howard Yoder? (guestpost 31 Jul 2013 This version of Barbra's essay has been revised from what she Meanwhile John Howard Yoder, the most acclaimed Mennonite peace Scandalizing John Howard Yoder – The Other Journal 7 Jul 2014 In this essay, we first report what we know about Yoder's manipulations and violations They're written by John Howard Yoder—Know him? John Howard Yoder on Christian Nonviolence and the Haustafeln John Howard Yoder on Christian Nonviolence and the Haustafeln extensively explored in his essay, "Revolutionary Subordination," in The Politics of Jesus. On Contexualizing Two Failures of John Howard Yoder – Eastern 23 Sep 2013 Marva Dawn has graciously agreed to be co-author of this essay. Marva, who is a prolific author, was both John Yoder's doctoral student and The failure to bind and loose: Responses to Yoder's sexual abuse Mennonite Responses to John Howard Yoder's Sexual Abuse,” Mennonite In a series of essays that he circulated on the seminary campus and beyond,

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