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There may not have been even one "lone nut" in American presidential assassination history, going clear back to Lincoln. Lincoln's is the only undeniable conspiracy (except the HSCA's lame position on JFK's death), as the conspirators tried killing a number of people on the same night. There are interesting theories regarding how far that conspiracy may have reached. The standard right wing theory is that the European bankers bumped off Lincoln because he cut out the central banks and printed "greenbacks," and JFK was initiating a similar program soon before he died.

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The J.F.K Assassination is a conspiracy wrapped in a conspiracy, wrapped in an enigma.

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Wilcher heard about it, however. Jonestown was mentioned in his letter, along with the JFK, RFK, Martin Luther King, Jr., Malcolm X, and John Lennon assassinations, as well as the deaths of J. Edgar Hoover, Martha Mitchell, , Senator John Heinz, Congressman Ted Weiss, as well as the attempts on Ronald Reagan and George Wallace. Wilcher also wrote about October Surprise, the FBI's COINTELPRO program wiping out the Black Panthers, and so on. Wilcher even alleged that the South Korean airliner's downing was not by the Soviet Union, but by the CIA. Was there a conspiracy theory that Wilcher left out? The major thrust of Wilcher's letter was what happened at Waco. He also discussed the infamous Clinton Body Count. Wilcher's belief was that unless somebody like Janet Reno found some courage, there would not be an America left before long. Wilcher was snooping into the bank accounts of ex-presidents at BCCI. Reno was far from alone in hearing from him. Most of Capitol Hill was aware of Wilcher's muckraking.

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When the Warren Commission investigated JFK's murder, they could not deny foul play, but decided that a "lone nut" did it. The evidence for a conspiracy surrounding the JFK assassination is simply overwhelming, and studying debunking work such as Gerald Posner's makes the case for conspiracy even , even ignoring what Gary Wean knows. When the House Select Committee on Assassinations investigated the JFK assassination, one piece of evidence caused them to decide that a conspiracy killed JFK. Many other pieces of evidence should have also convinced them, but they settled on one. They backpedaled as well, stating that there was a conspiracy, but they had no idea who did it. Case closed.

The JFK assassination is filled with many conspiracy theories that cannot be proven to be exact facts.

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Perhaps the most common explanation by the media for the existence of JFK assassination conspiracy theories is that people are unable to accept the notion that a great hero could be slain by a maladjusted loser.

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What is in this huge volume of declassified files? As one essay put it, there appears to be "." Certainly anyone expecting an internal government report detailing what "really happened" was in for a disappointment. But the released files included a great deal of interesting stories and revelations, some of them quite startling. These include a number of surprising documents and interviews which support the idea of a medical cover-up of a shot from the front, much more detail on Oswald trip to Mexico City, revelations on CIA's monitoring and fear of the Garrison probe, and much more, including a wealth of detail on many of the characters known to JFK assassination researchers.

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There are numerous lines of JFK evidence to pursue, which could easily take a person’s lifetime. This essay will deal with just one aspect of the JFK assassination evidence in detail, and people can make up their own minds regarding the truth of the issue, and see if it is worth pursuing further.

In the 1991 film JFK, Oliver Stone manipulates facts in order to convey a fictional conspiracy involving the assassination of John F.

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If Gary’s story is true, a lot more than JFK’s death was initiated by that backfired plot to frame Castro. The successful cover-up of JFK’s murder appeared to the intelligence community. The rash of assassinations and attempts after JFK, leading clear to the attempt on Ronald Reagan, all have , with a “lone nut” scapegoat served up each time. Hunt eventually got caught with his hand in the cookie jar with the , which may have far more sinister connotations than just some bumbling idiots trying to derail the Democratic challengers to Nixon. This essay will further deal with those issues of further assassinations and other dirty tricks.

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The media’s flawed depiction of presidents as hero figures, deciding policy for high–minded reasons and with little interference from social institutions, is not unlike the conception of the world put forward by some conspiracy theorists. The media, like the more naive or paranoid conspiracy theorists, gives little consideration to the wider of the JFK assassination.