This is the result of redevelopment after the war.

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Frank LaPira, Professor, Academic Head: Ecole Supérieure de Commerce de Saint Etienne, France.

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Level F
After completing this level you will be able to pass level N1 of the Japanese Proficiency Test (JLPT). You will be able to read and write more than 2,000 kanji and will become a perfect Japanese speaker. Most classes are conducted through debate of current topics.

Capener, San Jose State University; Maria L.

An important aspect of US culture is the American Dream: the widespread belief that every individual can succeed and prosper financially by working hard. This idea contributes to a strong work ethic and to a system that is merit based. The repercussions of this belief in US work life are long work hours and frequent overtime, as well as a clear distinction between management and subordinates.

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Johnson, University of Minnesota, Crookston.

The , the , and various bilateral business councils (, , and ) housed in the U.S. Chamber of Commerce have retained Content First to produce targeted reports on a series of domestic and international topics.

Ezzi, King Abdulaziz University; Elisabeth J.

1. Tailor-made lessons.
Tailor made lessons allow students to choose the subjects they wish to study, from focusing on business communication skills to preparing for holidays and special occasions.

Teal, University of North Georgia; G.

2. Flexible timetables available.
For students with tight schedules due to work or school commitments we are able to arrange lesson times and durations that best suit you.

It also can allude to behavior in business affairs and events in a business setting.

In Japan, everyone is aware of everyone else's age.

2. Interactive Dialogue - Lively conversation.
You do not need to repeat and memorise by rote at all to learn. We actively adopt the dialogue in your class. You will interact with your classmates and soon learn the true conversational Japanese that native speakers use. All of a sudden you will find that you are able to think and understand Japanese at an early stage of your studies. We will not leave you feeling like you only understand Japanese roughly and vaguely but fully and completely.

, which is more valued, refers to the private, informal, and unconventional aspects of culture.

Paramonov, Southern Alberta Institute of Technology.

Contracts are legally binding documents and are commonplace in the US. During negotiations all the legal aspects and fine points of the written agreement will be scrutinized. Should a disagreement arise later on, the US side will rely strictly on the terms of the contract. When doing business in the US you should be aware of the fact that for most procedures there are a set of rules and guidelines, state and federal laws, that your US counterpart must follow and that you as business partner also need to adhere to.

We welcome everyone who is at least 18 years of age or older to join our classes!

Lovett, The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley.

To deal effectively with you, they must find this out...It's a game of masks at which the Japanese are adept." The book goes on to cite Japan's defeat in World War II as an open wound, and the Japanese are looking to reassert themselves through their new economic power.Social ranking and status play a part in many major institutions that one goes through in a lifetime.