:Only the very best houses had indoor bathrooms.

Throughout his life Joyce was devoted to the music of song, evendisdaining pure orchestral compositions as too far removed from theoriginal stimulus for music: the human voice and emotions.

This is a complicated mixture of fiction andreality.

 (title):Joyce completed this story in Rome in 1907; it was the last to be written.

The ground floor was occupied by M.

The involuted and complicatedplot gives no hint, as it involves a bride playfully draping her weddingveil over the head of a prisoner, the widow of Charles I, which leads tothe prisoner's escape.

Smith & Son, who were seedand grain merchants, and W.J.

This is from Bellini's I Puritani di Scozia (The Puritan, 1835, performedin Dublin in 1837, based on Sir Walter Scott's Old Mortality); the wordsare by George Linley, using music from the Bellini opera, and it is a ratherflowery and melodramatic English adaptation of an Act I song, "A Chapletof Roses." Many consider that Joyce could have been a professional singer,as he had a fine tenor voice (though he could not read music).

See also::Because they were written by an Irish poet, Thomas Moore.

I rather think that the point isto illuminate both the Greeks and the Dubliners, particularly through theuse of humor in what Joyce himself considered a comic novel.

In 1904 the last train from Westland RowStation was at 11:15 p.m.

Some Joyceans consider that, in choosing a great andheroic Greek epic, The Odyssey, as the subtext of his Ulysses, Joyce'sintent is to highlight and throw into contrast the nobility of Odysseusand the Greeks when placed opposite the pettiness of the concerns ofLeopold Bloom and the citizens of Dublin.

Aunt Kate obviously wants to change the subject.

In hisspeech, Gabriel says that he will not attempt to play the role of Parisand judge which of the three women (Mary Jane and two aunts) has the moststerling qualities.

Best (a librarian) are actualpeople.

The verb "to say" had a much earlier meaning: to take direction or advice;i.e., here she is saying that Julia would never take advice (or direction)from her.

"Backanswers" would be tart or short tempered responses.

(Those three "yes"s are bound to call to mind the final words of Joyce'sUlysses, which was not written until more than a decade later.)
Joyce calls attention to the striking contrast between the youthful voiceand the aged face of the singer.

:Used as both hello and goodbye.

This depiction of Gabriel rehersing and fondly recallinghis own words, lends support to an interpretation of Gabriel as a rather pretentious, self-absorbed and alienated young man.

:Again, a common expression furnishes associative effects.

But then, one of the meaningful elementsof the story is this contrast between youth and age as represented byGabriel (old before his time), and the perpetually youthful (though dead)Michael Furey.