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Initially, there was a strict screening process to get into the Rockaways’ new projects. Over time, though, those with steady incomes were encouraged to leave, to make room for people on public assistance. To city officials, the Rockaways’ distant location made it an ideal destination for troubled families and individuals. The projects that lined the seven-mile-long peninsula were soon joined by facilities for recently deinstitutionalized mental patients and high-rise nursing homes.

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It’s impossible to talk about the landscape of modern New York without talking about Moses, who leveraged his position as head of the Mayor’s Committee on Slum Clearance to mass-produce thousands of units of high-rise public housing, often near the shoreline. His shadow looms over much of the havoc wreaked by the storm.

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He doesn’t win the election, but he steals the story.

From the beginning of his political career, as the youngest member of the New York State Assembly, Roosevelt “understood that the most effective means of circumventing the machines and transforming popular sentiment was to establish a good rapport with the press corps.” Many politicians, of course, have courted the press and used the media to rally popular pressure. Roosevelt’s bond with the press was of a different order. Goodwin calls it “authentically collegial.” A more apt word might be symbiotic.

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“Newsies the Musical,” a coming Disney Broadway production, recounts a strike waged in 1899 by New York newsboys (with a few historical embellishments).

By remodelling and making the most out ofthe old houses.III.

When the white
badge of mourning flutters from every
second door, sleepless mothers walk
the streets in the gray of the early
dawn, trying to stir a cooling breeze to
fan the brow of the sick baby.

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He had not been able to work for a year.

Although Goodwin infuses most of her men and women with personality, no one matches the sheer vitality of Roosevelt. In truth, the book flags a bit when he has grudgingly relinquished the presidency and gone to chase big game in Africa. The White House without Roosevelt is like the Henry IV plays when Falstaff leaves the stage. Beginning around Page 550 I occasionally found myself remembering Nellie Taft’s admonishment to her verbose husband: “Many a good thing is spoiled by there being too much of it.”

The Museum of the City of New York has put thousands of vintage photographic images online.

That it is not housed decently.III.

The biggest tenements have been
built in the last ten years of sanitary reform rule, and have been brought, in all
but the crowding, under its laws.

There isno sadder sight than this patientdevotion striving against fearfullyhopeless odds.

This Ishall immediately proceed to prove.VIII.

In Coney Island, as in the Rockaways, Moses looked at a struggling seaside resort and saw an opportunity for large-scale public housing. There too, his grand improvement plans probably only accelerated the neighborhood’s decline. “From the 1940s on it was like a self-fulfilling prophecy,” says Charles Denson, the author of “Coney Island: Lost and Found.”