ADAGE: A proverb or wise saying.

Joyce wrote this story while living in Rome and, as it is atribute to Irish hospitality, he is engaging in some intricate allusionsto his own family as well as to the family of the real musical sisters wholived in the house on Usher's Island, a house that is still standing.

ADAGY: The act of speaking or writing in adages.

 (title):Joyce completed this story in Rome in 1907; it was the last to be written.

Joyce also gives Katecharacteristics of his own Aunt Callahan.

The involuted and complicatedplot gives no hint, as it involves a bride playfully draping her weddingveil over the head of a prisoner, the widow of Charles I, which leads tothe prisoner's escape.

:Only the very best houses had indoor bathrooms.

Throughout his life Joyce was devoted to the music of song, evendisdaining pure orchestral compositions as too far removed from theoriginal stimulus for music: the human voice and emotions.

It isgenerally conceded that the title of this story comes from a poem in thatvolume:Oh, ye Dead!

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Francis of Assisi -- familiarly known as Adamand Eve's -- near Usher's Island, occurs in the opening words of Joyce's, where it becomes Eve and Adam's.

What are its most important qualities?

Gabriel and James Joyce share some characteristics, and Joyce may well bepresenting us with a picture of what he and his life would have been likehad he remained in Dublin.

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The IrishTourist Office in Dublin sells an inexpensive map of Dublin which includesimportant landmarks as well as a guide for those who want to trace forthemselves the territory covered by Bloom in .

The reader willwant to decide whether or not there is a rebirth at the end of this story.

Smith & Son, who were seedand grain merchants, and W.J.

(He even has a meal there.) Later thatevening (November 19, 1909) he writes to Nora, his "strange girl":"A strange land, a strange house, strange eyes and the shadow of astrange, strange girl standing silently by the fire, or gazing out of thewindow across the misty College park.

:A quay on the River Liffey, the river that runs through Dublin,opposite the quay that is called .

: Mary Jane is the organist at St.

A lively contemporary topic of conversation, as Pope Pius X had onlyrecently (November 22, 1903) decreed on his own accord (i.e., without theadvice of cardinals or others in the hierarchy) that the choir in thechurch was such an essential part of the liturgy itself that women shouldnot be members of the choir.

The actual sisters, as well as the sisters in the story, livedupstairs.

:Another example of a character's voice becoming the author's voice.

(As place names anddistances can be important in Joyce's work, the beginning reader isadvised to acquire a large map that includes Dublin and environs.) Readersof Dubliners, A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man, and Ulysses canfind helpful maps in and .