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One example is England: since the 2005 suicide-bombing in London, the tension between the British government and its large Muslim community has raised a debate regarding the extent to which the government should treat its extreme Muslim leaders and activists . From the realist theory point of view, it is clear that the Muslim subculture does not have to be violent in order to cross the line; by acting against the declared interests of the state, the British Islamic leadership tries to pose an alternative to the official direction and the line of vigorous protectionism against those attempts should continue.

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In order to be absolutely sure that we accept only what is genuinely certain, we must first deliberately renounce all of the firmly held but questionable beliefs we have previously acquired by experience and education.

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Expressing perfect confidence in the capacity of human reason to achieve knowledge, Descartes proposed an intellectual process no less unsettling than the architectural destruction and rebuilding of an entire town.

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In addition, liberal demand to distinguish those who engage in terror attacks from all the others is too narrow. One reason is the argument that Al-Qaeda militants receive funding from Muslims abroad to finance campaigns, such as their attempt to undermine the current moderate regime in Somalia . The current situation in this miserable country is a clear example for the failure of compromising diplomacy, as Al-Qaeda militias still terrorize the country despite the current government’s (which receives support from the west and from Ethiopia) decision to adopt the Muslim law. Thus, it is the desire to control, not religious beliefs that can be satisfied peacefully, that motivate those forces.

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Games differ in the demands they put on their players. Some games require special skills. It is important for game rules to be consistent. A strategy game, for instance, cannot be influenced in any way by luck. Imagine a player conceiving a plan, deciding on a particular sequence of play, and then having to roll dice in order to execute them. Clearly, the two concepts are at odds.

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The neorealist theorists, on the other hand, argue that the basic state of the world is anarchy, since there is no governing power to protect countries from one another. As countries are prone to exhaust due to the economic impact of military rivalry, the formation of blocks (e.g. NATO vs. the Warsaw Pact) is imperative. Furthermore, direct threat with nuclear weapons can stabilise the system, as each side posses enough capacities of nuclear retaliation.

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Any game that is not based on chance must give players the opportunity to affect its progress and direction. Nothing is more boring for a player than the feeling that he or she is being "played by the game" instead of the other way round. A good game should be challenging.

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In a special instance of this general point, Descartes held that although an animal or machine might be made to utter sounds resembling human speech in response to specific stimuli,only an immaterial thinking substance could engage in the creative use of language required for responding appropriately to any unexpected circumstances.