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How can i extend intro upto 50 words if thw essay is in one line for instance Children should never be educated at home by their parents. Do you agree or disagree?
Can i add something from my side ???

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Post-Listening Exercises []Have you ever had to wait for a delayed flight?

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Hi Lize
when I want to show the opinion of people of the importance of something (like recycling process ) to be prevalence around the world can I use this clause :
believing on it’s importance, many people perceive it is crucial to depend this process all around the world .

They notify him briefly and efficiently that conflicting points

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What other reasons can you think of that would cause the flight to be delayed or cancelled?

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Hi miss liz
I have 2 questions plz first is can i write i dont instead of i do not n writting essay and second is can i use pencil while writting essay?

Hello Liz! Could you answer my question, please?

The topic is about health. They suggest exercise and I suggest exercise and diet combined. Try to identify the main topic and which part is the suggestion that you respond to.

Do I HAVE TO use the words Agree or Disagree in my thesis?

Hi Liz,
I have been appeared in IELTS academic in London.
There were easy but tricky listening, intermingled traps like plastic houses all house was built by recycled material or not??? Though plastic is also recycling product, one question comes like bell tower is originated for clock but answer was also from prisoner place, traps were there, reading very straight forward questions there is no way that you can go for key words only you should have an appropriate speed because there was direct question, direct answer, but have to extract from passage it is not what u can assume as you say in all your first class lectures, your lectures were helpful. Though yes no I might get an educated guess because there was a lot to read, it was about mammals, a medical topic about children’s play and another was about a garden it was much detailed and complicated comprising of MCQS, writing was about pie charts it was good one, task 2 was about social skills I even included to know how to use social media which is very common use to socialise but it can come through only after education and importance of councils to encourage students to come and get knowledge about behaviours etc

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Hey Liz
I have one week for my IELTS Exam
But I’m confused lack of confidence about all modules even I’m pretty confident I’m so week in reading and writing task 1 which tense I can use in task 1

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Did you watch my video on this page which explains that you don’t need a hook. Your first sentence is not needed. The examiner knows the meaning of the word “vegetarian”. Cut your first sentence and you have a good intro.


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HI. thanks a bunch for this useful video
the topic doesn’t mention “diet” at all. don’t you think that it’s kind of writing off topic talking about diet?