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To any DAs or PDs out there: do the shortcomings of our criminal justice system (lack of PD funding, massive amounts of plea deals, lack of adequate representation due to excessive caseloads, etc.) ever get to you?

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The meaning of intention in criminal law is as of yet disconcerted, however, the Law Commission of the draft Criminal law Bill clause 1 (a) attempts to provide a definition: This work......(short extract)To download the full answer, please or then make a payment or submit coursework.

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In contrast with Roman private law, criminal legal regulations – instead of cases – are normative rules principally that have demanded jurisprudential interpretation much less. Still, in the sources of ancient Roman law we can already find several basic concepts that show surprising similarities with the modern criminal doctrine. Although we can see an absence of abstract definitions serving for the notation of legal cases, the intention to demonstrate the criminal legal mentality of antique jurists – by using these fragments as casuistic illustrations in our study – cannot be regarded as it is for its own sake. What is more, by the abstraction of their observations and the comparison with basic concepts of modern dogmatics of criminal law we can get to such general theoretical conclusions that can help to reveal the “general part” of Roman criminal law expansively and systematically.

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The Doctrine of Provocation and the Reasonable Person Test: an Essay on Culture Theory and the Criminal Law

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