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In Export Credit Insurance and Trade Promotion, we present a theoretical model showing the competitiveness of OA terms in international trade, and the risk-reducing as well as export-enhancing role played by export credit insurance programs.

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This process changes everything. What will happen when the CFO realizes he can cut his insurance premium in half if he gets rid of all his insecure Windows OSes and replaces them with a hardened version of Linux? The choice of which OS to use will no longer be 100 percent technical. Microsoft, and other companies with shoddy security, will start losing sales because companies don't want to pay the insurance premiums. In this world future, how secure a product is becomes a real, measurable feature that companies are willing to pay for...because it saves them money in the long run.

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Imagine the future.... Every business has network security insurance, just as every business has insurance against fire, theft and any other reasonable physical threat. To do otherwise would be to behave recklessly and open up the organization to lawsuits. When it comes time to calculate the premium, the details of network security become checkboxes. Do you have a firewall? Which brand? Your rate may be one price if you have ABC brand, and a different price if you have XYZ brand. Do you have a PKI? If so, which kind and which brand? And so on.

The insurance effect across income groups also suggests the success of export credit insurance in diversifying export destinations.
Only a tenth of the nation’s population has health insurance and a chronic or prolonged illness can and does bankrupt people.

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The real world doesn't work this way. Businesses achieve security through insurance. They take the risks they're not willing to accept themselves, bundle them up, and pay someone else to worry about them. If a warehouse is insured properly, the owner really doesn't care if it burns down or not. If he does care, he's underinsured. Similarly, if a network is insured properly, the owner won't care whether it's hacked or not.

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Millions of Americans are needlessly suffering and dying while the nation’s largest health insurance providers are raking in billions of dollars in revenue every year because of the simple fact they either do not provide adequate health insurance to their customers or they make it too expensive for many employers to offer health insurance to their employees, denying coverage altogether....

Public Liability insurance covers you and your business for losses or damage a third party suffers (or claims to have suffered) as a result of your business activities.

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Consider security, and safety, in the real world. Businesses don't install building alarms because it makes them feel safer; they do it to get a reduction in their insurance rates. Building owners don't install sprinkler systems out of affection for their tenants, but because building codes and insurance policies demand it. Deciding what kind of theft and fire prevention equipment to install are risk management decisions, and the risk taker of last resort is the insurance industry.