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I believe inspirational leadership is the ultimate leadership style. An inspirational leader is someone who can motivate others by inspiring them to accomplish their goals and ultimately make them a better person. As 2006 began, I was looking for that type of motivation in my life. I had recently flunked out of college for the second time. I did not have a full-time job and was picking up spot work where I could. In February of that year, I was introduced to a leader that I although I had yet to met them face to face instantaneously became that inspirational leader to me. As I was headed out the door to a bachelor party, my wife changed my perspective on life in a split second. She told me that she was pregnant with our first child. My daughter became the catalyst I needed to become the person I always knew I could be. The revelation that I was going to become a father consumed me for my two-hour car ride and the remainder of the night. By the time I started my return voyage, I had made some significant decisions to change my life. I started by dedicating myself to the goal of finding a full-time job. Two months before my daughter was born, I was offered an excellent opportunity to work for a well-recognized organization. I worked hard to become acclimated to the corporate environment and quickly excelled. By the fall of 2007, I was ready to take the next step towards fulfilling my goal of becoming the person I knew I could be. I walked into the Dean of Admissions office. I was there to ask to be readmitted back to school. The Dean asked me why I was back to see her and suggested that I would be better off transferring to another school with my GPA in such ruin. After a long discussion, I convinced her that I was a different person. I was adamant that this is what I wanted and needed to do. It was important to me that I finish what I started 10 years prior. She went before the school board with a letter I had written and pleaded for my reinstatement. Now four years later, I sit here with less than a year to graduate college, a GPA that has nearly doubled to over 3.0, a new job as a manager for a top-flight organization, the co-owner of a successful Irish Pub and my third little inspirational leader due any day. My next goal is to become that inspirational leader for my children and for others that I work with, and to help them become the person that they believe they can be. Sometimes people just need a little inspiration in their lives to realize their goals and aspirations. I want to become that inspirational leader to them.

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Think about what those writers did effectively, and look for inspiration for your own essay.

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Regis High School student Lyle Li reads from his college application essay about the hard work of his immigrant parents to secure a better education and a better life for him.

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Some say students should stay away from essays about death, disease and divorce, because they can be cliche.
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There is a ton of advice out there on how to achieve success, but little is said about the great impact commitment will make on your life. It’s the number one thing you must get down before doing anything else, without commitment your odds on will decrease drastically.

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To experience inspiration, people also need to feel included. Inclusion goes beyond the realm of listening and providing feedback. For real inclusion, people need to feel intimately connected to the actions and process that are leading to the accomplishment of the goals or the final decision.