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2. One of the most common misconceptions about the reflective essay is that it is a memoir. Since eleventh and twelfth graders may have already done memoirs in previous English courses, the reflective essay may be particularly confusing.

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-The subject of the essay could be more relevant and worth of reflection upon the author’s life.

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Initial Certification (MAT) – Why and how do you think students should be assessed? Write a reflective paper describing your current views and knowledge of assessment. Share some specific examples of the experiences (good and bad) you have had with various types of assessment. How do they fit with your current philosophy of education? What do you want to learn about the assessment processes and methods that take place in public schools? What is your view on grading and how should results be communicated? Please include how you personally like to be assessed. Add any additional points of interest.

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Advanced Certification (MED) – Why and how do you assess? Write a reflective paper describing how you currently assess and report student performance and progress (grading). Provide specific examples from your work. Explain what philosophy influences/impacts what you do. In other words, why do you do what you do? What do you want to learn about the assessment processes and methods that take place in public schools? Also, include how you personally like to be assessed. Add any other points of interest.

-The subject of the essay is not relevant and worth reflection upon the author’s life.

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Montaigne deemed the essay as a means to reflect on one’s ideas, feelings, and experiences. The Essays, a collection of over on hundred essays, is the major literary work that Montaigne left us with. Of course, over time, many types of essays evolved; however, the roots of the essay are indeed a means for writers “to try” to look inward, and reflect upon their thoughts. Since the essay has such a rich history, there is likely to be more than one accepted definition for the term.

Webster tells us that “essay” has five different definitions:
1. short nonfiction prose piece: a short analytical, descriptive, or interpretive piece of literary or journalistic prose dealing with a particular topic, especially from a personal and unsystematic viewpoint.
2. set written piece: a short piece of written work assigned to a student
3. work resembling a written essay: an artistic or journalistic work resembling a written essay but in another medium
4. attempt at something: an attempt to accomplish something
5. test of something: a test or trial of something

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Now that we know the basic definitions of the words that make up this genre, let’s examine the characteristics of the reflective essay more specifically. Referring to the Cooper’s criteria, the characteristics, in more detail, of the reflective essay are as follows:

1. Contains a subject that will sustain extended reflections. What interests me in this characteristic is the word “subject.” This is what is great about the reflective essay—the writer chooses the topic. The writer may choose to write about literature, about a life experience, about a person that had an impact in her life, or even an inanimate object—as long as that subject had a significant impact (the writer can reflect about the subject), it is valid.

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As teachers of writing, we will say to our students, “Read more!” “Write more!” Does it matter what they arereading and writing? Not really. However, it does matter that they are aware of what they are reading and writing.

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4. The reflections are approached through a variety of strategies. The writer should approach the reflection using various literarystrategies. Literary techniques such as flashback, for example, may be effective. A variety of literary devices may be used to accomplish this as well.

The type of work we are describing here might best be described as the reflective essay on teaching

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Now to me, this list is more like a general rubric for what students would look at after they wrote a reflective essay. So let’s move backwards a bit and figure out first what makes a reflective essay just that. First, let’s look at the second word of the genre: essay. Essay connotes the form of writing in which it appears. What is the history of the essay? What are its characteristics?