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In the end, the poem makes the reader feel upset about the discrimination.
The poem begins in 8 year old Cullen's perspective.

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Both Gloria Naylor’s "'Mommy, What Does "Nigger" Mean?'" and Countee Cullen's "Incident" demonstrate how a word like "nigger" destroys a child’s innocence and initiates the child into a world of racism.

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The Harlem Renaissance, otherwise known as “The New Negro Movement” was an unexpected outburst of creative activity among African Americans In the poems Harlem by Langston Hughes, America by Claude McKay, and Incident by Countee Cullen all use frustration and hope as reoccurring themes to help empower the African-American population and realize the injustices they face day to day....

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Too and Countee Cullen's Incident

He was elected President of the National Association Advancement of Colored People (NAACP)
His anger, which came from the discrimination of the era, was used to inspire most of his poems.

Poetry Analysis:
by Countee Cullen

Literary Devices Contribution to the Meaning
-Gets the reader in a good feeling, adding to the effect of the word.
- Gets the reader in a happier mood, making the "incident" even more shocking.
- Not only the title is ironic but also the structure of the poem.

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The account of the lynching is particularly ambiguous. The note states that “a pupil gave as his news topic during the opening exercises of the morning, a report of the Princess Anne lynching of Oct. 18, 1933,” so that we might assume that the account in the body of the poem is that report, but a close reading of the text casts doubt on the origin of the “report” as it is given in the poem. The report is divided into five sections, and each section ends with an exclamation point, a fact which immediately rules out the report as falling within the discourse of journalism. There are additional violations of journalistic style — inverted grammar, rhetorical questions, figurative language, and speculation. The speaker offers a detailed account of the familiar ritualistic lynching attended by a mass audience. We are not able, however, to account for the outraged voice of the speaker. Thus the poem operates by situating the poem at the intersection of three texts, which form one text with the characteristic of .

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"Incident" by Countee Cullen

Du Bois W E B U S History in Context American Studies Resource Centre Countee Cullen and the Racial Mountain is adapted from the introduction to Countee Cullen Collected Poems edited by Major Jackson and published this