The movie is a coined a comedy, I guess.

Further, a successful director is able to do a genre movie but place his own personal touch on it; in doing so, he ignores the formula that has thus far brought the genre so much success.

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The movie follows a group of twenty something’s each affected differently by the changing times.

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the Movie Demi Moore's portrayal of Hester in the movie The Scarlet Letter proved her worth as a feminist actress, which led her to other, more modern female empowerment roles ranging from Striptease to GI Jane. But in the moviemakers 'attempt to give the story what they might think is a little modern flavor, they barbarously misconstrued the theme, and thus the importance, of a timeless story. In the novel, there can be little doubt that Hester is a strong person, but the movie made her out to be a martyr for women's rights. The female empowerment theme of the movie also inevitably led to the characterization of Christians and their ethics as tyra...

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Instead of embracing how Disney has taken a step in the right direction with the movie when trying to embrace new societal ways of thinking, she attacks how it does not affectively show all of values held by feminists; what she fails to overlook, however, is the idea that the movie was not meant to be a feminist movie, but rather was made to entertain young children—it just included aspects that Disney thought was progressive and compliant to today’s society....

They face each other in the trench where they allow time to pass for darkness to prevail.

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What we don't do is actually take time to really focus and understand completely what the point of the movie is or what it is trying to get across to the audience.

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The movie demonstrates the racial inequity that can be found in our judicial system through the impressive acting by Denzel Washington and the direction of Norman Jewison....

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It is this overlapping of the creative processes that prevents us from seeing movies as distinct and separate art forms from the novels they are based on....

This movie shows the negative effects that bad business morals can have on society.

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Nevertheless, in 1981 Chris Gardner a salesman from San Francisco, California in the award winning movie The Pursuit of Happiness had big dreams for his family but things did not turn out the way he intended.

This movie clearly portrayed how differently the first and second-class people were treated during the time of the Titanic.

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Thoughts don’t heed to time, space, or senses; mental-health professionals can only guess what happens inside the head of someone who can’t control them.

The actors and actresses in the movie did an outstanding job representing the roles that they were playing.

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As a long time fan of the novel, who has happily carted her large leather bound gold-gilded unabridged edition whenever she has moved, I find that I was disappointed in this newest movie version....