Priestley's play "An Inspector Calls"

In 1912 the streets would've had had many
women who had lost their job through strikes/Influenza and had to
resort to prostitution, here was where the younger males of the upper
class came in- in 'An Inspector Calls' it was Eric and Gerald.

The play 'An Inspector Calls' is set in 1912 but written in 1945.

Compare An Inspector Calls to another play by Priestley that you have read.

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An Inspector Calls essays are academic essays for citation. These papers were written primarily by students and provide critical analysis of An Inspector Calls by J.B. Priestley.

An Inspector calls is a thriller set in England.

This play asks you to look at An Inspector Calls against another play by Priestley. Time and the Conways or I Have Been Here Before might be good choices. Consider the similarities and differences in the plays' plots, characters and, of course, dominant or important themes and apparent messages. Also consider the historical context of the plays.

We are responsible for each other." What is Priestley's main aim in `An inspector calls`.

'An Inspector calls' was written by J.B.

The playwright of ‘An Inspector Calls’, J B Priestley, uses Arthur Birling, a stereotypical man of the right wing conservativism, as propaganda against the right-wing social and political views.

'An inspector calls' is a dramatic, moralistic thriller.

At the beginning of 'An Inspector Calls' Priestley makes clear the
type of language used between the upper classes in 1912, where the
family are sitting down for dinner, they are celebrating the
engagement of Sheila Birling to Gerald Croft, they use phrases such
as, "You're squiffy," and, "Steady the Buffs,"- steady the Buffs was a
phrase used when the upper class went shooting for game…etc and the
working class would've never been able to afford to compete in a sport
such as shooting, also someone from the working class wouldn't have
said things like 'squiffy' in 1912.


Inspector Calls can be addressed, as one of these mysteries however there is not a true criminal in the story, as nobody literally killed Eva Smith but the members of the Birling family all had a part to play in her death....

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Priestley's "An Inspector Calls"

Priestley's "An Inspector Calls" "An Inspector Calls" is a politics based detective play script written by John Bonyton Priestley, or better know as J.B Priestley.

In 'An Inspector Calls' Gerald is described as "an attractive chap, about thirty".

Priestley Uses Dialogue and Stage Directions in "An Inspector Calls

While it is true that An Inspector Calls would not work without Inspector Goole's central role, it reduces him a little to refer to him as 'just' a staging device....

Priestley's Play "An Inspector Calls" "Why shouldn't they try for higher wages.

The play “An Inspector Calls” was written by J.B Priestly.

Both of the plays show a certainty of evil, but the central female characters in Macbeth and An Inspector Calls differ but are rarely shown as similar.