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How many times have you written a pretty good haiku but havebeen afraid to send it to an editor for fear it would berejected because it "kinda has a metaphor" init?Yet, if you have studied and written longer poems, youKNOW the use of metaphor is one of the essential aspects, oneof the most time-tested techniques, of poetry.

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In my early years of haiku writing, I easily accepted the prevalent credobeing espoused on how to write haiku. This was, sometimes implied andoccasionally expressed, as being: if the author's mind/heart was correctlyaligned in the "proper" attitude, while experiencing a so-called"haiku moment", one merely had to report on the experience to have adarn-good haiku.

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The truth is: probably all of the above can weaken one's ability to writegood haiku. Ouch, that hurts. However, I felt rescued when I came across written by hand and illustrated by Betty Drevniok, whowas at the time she wrote the book (early 80s I am guessing as it has no date init), president of the Haiku Society of Canada. Among the many great tips forwriting haiku (and obtaining the questionable Zenniness of Zen) I came away withher precept: "Write [haiku] in three short lines using the principle ofcomparison, contrast, or association." On page 39 she used an expression Ihad been missing in the discussion of haiku when she wrote: "This techniqueprovides the pivot on which the reader's thought turns and expands."Technique! So there are tools one can use! I thought joyfully.

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