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For the dedicated fisherperson (a lot of women writehaiku, too) there are several magazines to which we cansubscribe. These are especially treasured in the off-monthswhen one can't get away long enough to drop a line into thepool of unconsciousness, when all the ideas have dried up orare frozen over. Reading of the success of others is oftenjust the right incentive to give us courage to get out thereto try out a new lure or seek out a new fishing hole.

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On a large green stone under the cryptomerias thatsurround the little shrine at Suwa, where he spent lonesomedays as a child, is found carved this verse:

a vegetarian with legs crossed in zazen theroasting chicken

While this has a double entendre, we believe it refers toa huge landslide leaving a bare spot on the mountain. Aboutfour miles from the Seki River Gorge, is a beautifulwaterfall, called Nae-no-Taki, or Jishin-daki (earthquakewaterfall). While old Issa was observing these magnificentfalls, he noticed the misty spray hovering over someflowering cherry trees, and he thought them comparable todistant trees making a cloud on mountains.

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While Issa was very young, he saw his father carryingluggage on what was then called the Hokkoku Kaido, or theNorth Country Roadway. We know that the daimyo with theirlong colorful entourage used this road to Edo from about1611. Nojiri was one of the stations along the foot-highway,and was one of the eight important stopping places along thebase of the mountain.

14. Always written in the present tense of here andnow.

The richest daimyo in Japan at that time, Lord Kaga,travelled this road and part of Issa's father's job was toassist in the carrying of Lord Kaga's luggage. While he madethe trip every year, Lord Kaga's train was so long that itnever stopped passing through the village from one year's endto the next. Issa wrote many poems about happenings duringthis spectacle. One is: .

15. Limited use (or non-use) of personal pronouns.

Anyone who has ever observed a fly at close range hasseen this humorous action of the fly rubbing its forefeettogether, and then the hind feet, which indeed appears to bea wringing of the hands in expectation of a blow.

A cricket disturbedthe sleeping child; on theporcha man smoked and smiled.

2. Seventeen syllables written in three lines.

How many times, in your years of studying haiku, have youbeen told "never use metaphor or simile in haiku"?How many times have you written a pretty good haiku but havebeen afraid to send it to an editor for fear it would berejected because it "kinda has a metaphor" init?

4. Seventeen syllables written in a vertical (flush leftor centered) line.

5. Less than 17 syllables written in three lines asshort-long-short.

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6. Less than 17 syllables written in three vertical linesas short-long-short. (Ala Barry Semegran)

8. Use a season word (kigo) or seasonal reference.

In his wanderings, Issa saw many scenes of rural Japan,one about which he wrote a poem. Seeing a farmer pausing inthe fields for a breather while pulling radishes; theradishes being the large daikon, that monstrous stinkingvegetable so well known in Japan, he wrote: