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Brainstorm to find a possible essay topic by identifying a variety of causes and effects. You must decide if your essay is to discuss a single topic or multiple points. Continue to ask questions until you are convinced that you have all the causes or effects related to your essay topic, and make sure that the relationships are logical and valid.

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The introduction of the cause and effect essay should do several things:

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You can not create a good paper without a proper research. In order to do a good cause and effects essay you should learn as much as possible about your topic first. In general, this type of essay is a thorough discussing of a certain event, so how can you write about it without having a good understanding? Do not use Internet for research – sometimes it has inaccurate information or conflicts with your educational program narration. Find a book that your professor recommends at the library and learn strictly your topic articles. Focus on dates and names. Do some notes while reading and insure that the most important points are written down.

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Also students that write a cause and effect essay should know that it is required to write some possible ways of solving the problem or ways that could help to avoid such an effects. Do not be too detailed in this aspect, just list some the most important decisions and tell their effects. They can be included into both – conclusion and body section. Write a good conclusion restating a thesis statement and the most important points of your essay.

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Writing a cause and effect essay is about choosing a topic and building a relationship between the cause (why things happen) and the effect (what happens as a result). You must show that the issue exists, and your explanation is essential to your analysis.

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AimsTarget language
so/ As a result/ are due to/The consequence of/ Owing to/one effect of/ This is because/ as/ Hence/ consequently/ The effect of/ consequent (levels)/ therefore/ (creates)/ As a result/ For this reason/ Thus/ as a consequence
Population/( uninhabitable)/ overcrowding/ teeming with people/ inhabitants/ too dense a population/ over peopled/ crowded with people/ crawling with cars/ overpopulation/ epidemic of people/ most populous nation/ overcrowded 1 hour plus writing task for homeworkMaterials (see attached)Lesson steps (numbers correspond to above)These materials are prepared by Lexy Holt a former winner of the competition.

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What subject to choose when it comes to cause and effect essay writing. We have collected some good ideas to get you started with your essay. Choosing the essay topic for cause and effect essay type is not difficult, here are some good sample essay topics:

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