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Before you set down to write a concept essay, it is important for you to consider what the essay is all about. From time to time students normally attempt to write essays based on the topics that they have been given, without considering whether or not these topics are essential in underlining the nature of the essay. Concept essays are unique in the sense that their main purpose requires you to tell the readers about a particular topic. It is not just about telling a story, but about logic. It is about explaining in detail what happens and how one thing goes from one stage or step to another and so forth. If you can do this, you will have an easy time writing this particular paper.

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Tips on how to write a GRE analyze an issue essay and guidelines on how to structure it.

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BRC: Well, and it’s not just technology and progress, but the more cumbersome technological determinism. I thought your essay “” offered a nice summary of that problem. How do you see the concept of technological determinism at play today?

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I’ve been working on building the technology to support computational essays for several decades, but it’s only very recently that I’ve realized just how central computational essays can be to both the way people learn, and the way they communicate facts and ideas. Professionals of the future will routinely deliver results and reports as computational essays. Educators will routinely explain concepts using computational essays. Students will routinely produce computational essays as homework for their classes.

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As we’ve already seen, it’s easy to end up rambling when you’re explaining difficult concepts, – particularly when you don’t clearly understand it yourself. A way of forcing yourself to think clearly about a concept, as well as explaining it more simply and engagingly, is to make use of figurative language. This means explaining something by comparing it with something else, as in an analogy. For example, you might use the analogy of water escaping from a hole in a bucket to explain the exponential decay of a radioactive substance, as the rate of depletion of both depends on how much remains, making it exponential. This gives the reader something familiar to visualise, making it easier for them to understand a new concept (obviously this will not be a new concept for the teacher who set your essay, but they will want to see that you can explain concepts clearly and that you have a thorough grasp of it yourself).

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How does one actually create a computational essay? With the technology stack we have, it’s very easy—mainly thanks to the concept of notebooks that we introduced with the all the way back in 1988. A notebook is a structured document that mixes cells of text together with cells of Wolfram Language input and output, including graphics, images, sounds, and interactive content:

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You could start looking at how armies moved, or who won and who lost at different points. At first, you can write a computational essay in which the computations are basically just generating custom infographics to illustrate your narrative. But then you can go further—and start really doing “computational history”. You can start to compute various statistical measures of the progress of the war. You can find ways to quantitatively compare it to other wars, and so on.

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Your essay is bound to be boring if all you do is paraphrase what everyone else says about something. A good essay – in humanities subjects, at least – incorporates the writer’s intelligent responses to what others say, and this critical consideration not only shows that you’re thinking at a high academic level, but it automatically adds more interest and originality to your writing. So, and don’t be afraid to demonstrate that you’re doing as much.