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Through similarities and differences these characters, accentuate Hamlet’s pretense of being crazy, emphasize how Hamlet is an improper son by standards of the time and cause him to be a tragic hero.

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Consider the following eight dos and don’ts of how to write child characters.

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Compare what exactly you have learnt about different psychological issues and details of the personality of the character of your analysis to your own personality in terms of what would you do, if you were him, and what do you admire and dislike in his decisions? Would you follow the same course of actions? Why or why not? Tell about it.

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Prove your observations by referring to quotes from them. Tell what are their motives, goals in life (or in a given situation), how are they perceived by the other characters, and so forth.

I have found four of these works and will use them as sources throughout this essay.

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Let’s now turn to the essence of your task. Usually such essays compare two positive characters that exemplify supreme moral ideals. Despite that, sometimes it is possible to compare one positive and one negative personality. Remember that it is not obligatory to criticize the negative character in question, but you rather need to explain his/her action, the motives and reasons for them. There cannot be any absolutely positive literary character (except in fairytales). In all cases, what you should do is to analyze the character in question and to try to relate him/her to a given social, cultural, historical process or event. In short, the best way to write such an is to see the character as an implementation of the “spirit of time”, and thus to compare it with another one.

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Remember to identify not only qualities of a character, but also his main role in the story. This is what makes the conflict that builds the core of a story, builds certain relationships between the character and his surrounding, opponents and drives the fiction forward. The aim could be revenge, reward, various social aspirations or the combination of these. Identify the reason why this aim is important to your character.

You might not want to give up so soon. I’ve had characters who didn’t show their true selves for thousands of words.

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Readers won’t care about characters unless they are believable. So how do we make our characters realistic? Why do the most celebrated characters seem so real even though they are made up? How have some writers managed to render animals, aliens, and even inanimate objects into characters that we embrace emotionally?

In this paradoxical sentiment the theme of the book born, what follows it is a journey that is different from any other.

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Well, keep in mind Orson Scott Card typically writes children that are forced to grow up at an early age. Ender would be more child-like had he not endured so much, even before he excepted going to Battle school. His sister and brother also went through a lot. And the children in Speaker for the Dead are the same.

[The thesis does not cover the essay.] Some similarities in Laertes and Hamlet were that they were both students....

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In their daily life people usually compare different persons in order to demonstrate that someone is endowed with a given set of moral or physical qualities, and another one is not. School essays dedicated to comparison of two characters are written in a different context. Their goal is not only to describe two persons, to trace their actions, but also to shed some light upon the literary work in question, upon its message and main idea. By writing an essay comparing two characters you will need to show your ability to analyze their action, words and the message embodied in each of them.