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The essay should be started with a brief introduction about the topic. The readers must be made aware of what this essay is all about. While writing the introduction of the academic essay, the writer must aim to inform the readers and evoke an interest among them about the topic. The introduction should also include a background of the topic and the focus should be placed on objectives of the essay so that readers can connect to the essay with the same objective as that of the writer. Correct beginning is very important because it provides direction to the readers about what the essay will serve them.

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Before starting to write the essay, the writer should be clear about the objectives of the academic essay. It is must that the writer understands the purpose this essay. This requires exploring the topic of the essay in detail. If the writer has not understood the objective, he/she may deviate from the objectives of the essay. The writer should try to gather information from varied sources. Secondary data can be gathered from sources like books, newspapers, journals, websites etc. Data from various sources enriches the essay and enhances its quality. Also keep a track of all sources and cite it properly to avoid plagiarism.

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