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Being a member of student council can help you help your school. However, it takes hard work to get into student council. You need to craft a good speech that gives your classmates incentives to vote for you.

How to Write a Student Council Speech

I feel the goals of council should be how to improve the school for the student body and the staff.

However, it takes hard work to get into student council

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Hello, I'm from Spain. I remember my high school age there were several student strikes, but I can't remember which were the reasons for every strike in that time, perhaps because the reasons weren't clears in that time, I remember my feeling about the strike leaders were manipulated by politics parties.
Today I have two daughters studying in the high school, last year one of them asked me about she could participate in a student strike, then I asked her why her mates were going to a strike. Her answer sounded me like joke "the new law is bad".
I started a conversation to her and I asked her to know before the exactly reasons why the law project was bad for students. She tried to do a copy-paste from an internet foro to me, at the end I got a little angry and showed her how to search the text of the law project and demanded her to read it and base her own point of view about the strike before supporting it.
My daughter didn't read the whole law project neither she supported the strike, but she understood that it wasn't truth everything she was hearing about that law. The strike day she gone to her class with a few number of mates.

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I am an Italian student and I think that the problem of student's strike is very complicated. In Italy we have some real problem like building because many times the walls collpse and some students died and others receive permanent damage. I personally think that protest to obtain a better school and lose day of school are in contradiction. If students would like to protest for something they have to do it with teachers because they are the other 50% of the school, they are friends and not enemies.
Only in Italy we have this problem with building or lessons? In other side of the world are there perfect schools? I don't know. Could you write how is school in your country and if you have this problems? Thank you!

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